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Just when I start to think that some of these cats are humble and are willing to learn, then they go say some arrogant stupid shit. Of course on the van ride back to the loft, they had to suck each other off about how good their work was and that the judges didn’t know what they were talking about.
After the judging, the contestants were all sent back to the temporary abode to lick their wounds.
Shortly after the show, Dave Navarro put up a blog post regarding the whole “not having any tattoos” thing. He has been in the trenches for a number of years and is a great tattoo artist that everyone should check out. Tatu Baby’s client got all barfy and so she was unable to finish her tattoo, but what she did finish the judges liked and were impressed by. When asked why he does not have any his reply was, “I have no problem waiting to get exactly what I want.” Dude. Jamie decided to finally pipe up about said elephant in said dwelling, but he just sounded like Sir Whines-A-Lot. In my experience, the only people who I have run into that complain and preach about equality for tattooed folks are doucheingtons who have one or two tattoos that they can cover up in the drop of a hat. Before they brought out the top and bottom contestants, “the gang” put fake tattoos all over Jamie.

Anywho, in the flash challenge the contestants had to put an image on one of Dave’s guitars. He was brought in for the elimination challenge in which the contestants had to do animal tattoos. Jamie has been tattooing 17 years and really has no idea what it feels like when he is tattooing a client.
I have always been curious about how it felt to have a tattoo and finally gathered enough courage to have one done.
I would rather lose for doing me than win for not doing me.” Then why the fuck did he want to be on the show? Navarro was alluding to the fact that these were the actual guitars that he plays on stage. You have to know what it is like to get tattooed and to live with it to really know what it is like.
He has no concept of what it is to have a piece of art permanently placed on the body for life. What the pain of getting tattooed feels like or how one area of the body is more sensitive than another, from personal experience. Granted, they are his signature guitar made by Paul Reed Smith, but I doubt these are THE guitars he plays on stage.

The point was that he should have SOME idea of what his clients go through.” Damn, I actually agree with something Dave said! Oh yeah, she is still bat-shit crazy, but that is becoming an old hat, so it is not even worth getting into her weirdness. I have a few tattoos that I would not get today, but I am okay with them now because that was who I was at that time. In my opinion, whoever complains about being judged for their tattoos should never had gotten tattooed in the first place. Oliver basically said that Jesse’s was the best of the worst, and therefore, Jesse won the flash challenge.
I am also going to go out on a limb and say that I don’t think any of the judges have ever preached about how society should not prejudge them for their tattoos. If you got into this for any other reason than the money, and being on TV, you are fucking fooling yourself. In my experience it is really a non-issue for most tattooed folks who have respect for craft.

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