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I am hiding out in the corner with my laptop while the cleaners finish sorting out my place (yes, I know I am lazy, but I just refuse to clean.
Anyway, while I was getting my nails done the other day, I was thinking about how crazy it is that there aren’t more developments in the world of nail embellishment. I did my research, and learnt that Lal Hardy’s studio was the place to go in London, and Adam was highly recommended. Their parlour is in Muswell Hill, which is North London, nowhere near a tube station, a good ten minutes walk from the bus stop, and on a residential street near absolutely nothing, except the news agent next door. If you are young, like under the age of 20, I’d suggest you hold off tattooing your whole entire body until you are a bit older.
This was one of my nail tattoos, but I had a second one that was much nicer, that I don't have a photograph of. I was having a clear out of my various nail paraphernalia (I love that word) and came across my nail tattoos from Fake Tattoos (first reviewed here) and this design popped into my head!
I was going for a tattoo flash kind of look, and the little nail tattoos couldn't be any cuter. I used Barry M Lychee for my base colour, then just stuck the tattoos on in a haphhazard way. You may recall that when I did my crazy bigRuby tattoo manicure that I mentioned also having a couple more simple looks to share with you guys, too, and today I have those ready to show off! I have no tattoos — I love them on other people but never could think of something meaningful enough to place on my body. Sign up for the Super Glam newsletter to be the first to know about exclusives, giveaways & more!
I know the gels and the acrylics are good for length, and there are a million nail polishes and embellishments you can get, but why isn’t there something that is a bit more permanent and natural? It is so embarrassing to see the huge numbers of people that have stars tattooed somewhere on their body.

Any normal business would fail, in the middle of nowhere, on a residential street, totally off the beaten track. They are a bit intimidating at the start, like most tattooists, but deep down are genuinely nice guys. Although there’s been a tattoo trend in recent years (David Beckham probably has something to do with that), I think, on average, there are a lot in Vancouver. A few are ok, but its depressing to meet 18 year olds who already have sleeves and plans for more. Lal Hardy did these for me for fun, while I was visiting their stand at the International Tattoo Convention a few years ago. I finished with a coat of 17 Matte top coat, which is a bit rubbish really because it leaves those pesky white spots that some matte top coats are prone to. I have these nail tattoos too but I'd never of thought of layering them on my nails like this - it's such a great way to combine the different nail tattoos!
If you missed my previous post, be sure to check it out for more information on how these awesome nail tattoos work. I added the rocketship tattoo from the bigRuby "His" set and then I added one coat of Cirque Neko to the other nails. Also, it would look silly in about two weeks when it’s growing out, your nails start chipping and then you have these obscure marks on your fingernails. We feature the latest in Technique, Style, Business, and Health issues to help nail techs and salon owners do their jobs better and make money! By the way, I will be posting as much as possible during my trip, and I will be twittering frequently, so if you want up-to-the-minute London shopping updates, you can follow me on Twitter. That got me thinking about the nail tattoos I got a few years ago, and I thought it was time for me to write a post about New Wave Tattoo, and the owner Lal Hardy, and my tattooist, Adam Collins. But only a bloody good tattooist can hide up in the middle of North London, and still have line ups of people waiting to get an appointment.

Its good to have an idea of what you want, and visuals to refer to, but let the tattooist get involved in the design. Tattoos are permanent, and its hard to tell what you are going to be feeling when you are 40. I have a friend who has had to get so many girlfriends names covered up, its getting ridiculous. Unfortunately Neko was a limited edition polish, but Liquidus Nail Gloss just came out with a new polish that has a similar effect called Obsidian.
I have really neglected my Twitter account, I only this week figured out how to use the # sign, so I am going to work on improving my tweeting skills while I am away. I had knows for some time I wanted to get another tattoo, a bigger one, and after about ten years I figured out what I wanted. When I calculated the amount of time Adam spent on my tattoo, compared to the amount I paid him, I realized this is not a money making business (they don’t charge for artwork, or retouching) and therefore it must be a labour of love.
They are the experts, and you should choose your tattooist based on their previous work , which means you want them to inject some of their own style into the piece.
I say it is a good idea to spend about ten years thinking about a tattoo before you get it…you are less likely to make a mistake. The problem I had with them is that my nails were so weak, the started to break when the tattoo reached the tip. Anyway, I decided to get a rather large tattoo on my back, which would incorporate the star, and take up the entire of my lower back.

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