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A North Carolina Army veteran and tattoo artist is under fire from animal cruelty groups after a photo of his tattooed pit bull made the rounds online. Ernesto Rodriguez is facing an investigation by Stokes County Health Department and Animal Control after he tattooed his five-month-old American pit bull, Duchess, at the tattoo parlor he operates out of his basement.
Rodriguez said he inked Duchess for identification purposes, using an emblem that supposedly represents her bloodline. County Health officials issued a cease and desist order, prohibiting Rodriguez from tattooing humans (or animals) until he acquires the proper zoning permits for his shop. Rodriguez said Duchess was sedated when he tattooed her, and he had anesthetized the skin around the tattoo. PETA does not condemn animal tattoos for identification purposes, recommending identification numbers or other kind of visible tattoo in place of a microchip in case a pet is found by someone without scanning capabilities. WASHINGTON, April 27 (UPI) -- Model Chrissy Teigen and journalist Katie Couric showed off her legs white posing for pictures during saturday's White House Correspondents dinner. With a history of reliable reporting dating back to 1907, today's UPI is a credible source for the most important stories of the day, continually updatedA A - a one-stop site for U.S. Cherokee, North Carolina: 25-Foot Tall Indian - Muffler ManA looming fiberglass giant, here for at least three decades, with a posing platform resembling a drum. The 47-year-old businesswoman paid a tad less than the $455,000 asking price for the globe that towers over White Bluff Road and DeRenne Avenue. The cottage, formerly a tattoo and piercing parlor, will be transformed into her third office.

With a traffic count of about 50,000 cars per day, Scardino expects the earth's gravitational pull to tow in more business.
Tom Todaro, Savannah's zoning administrator, said advertising on the globe is permitted, as long as signage doesn't exceed 40 feet in height.
A cameo in the movie, "Forces of Nature," starring Sandra Bullock and Ben Affleck, made it bit of a Hollywood celebrity. Built in the mid-1950s, the six-story steel ball was originally used as an emergency natural gas tank for the Savannah Gas Co., now Atlanta Gas & Light Co. The orb was later painted to resemble a desktop globe, and after being deactivated in the 1970s, it served as a community landmark. Although it's been 12 days since she become the globe's new owner, Scardino said it still feels like a dream. Ken Wheeler, state veterinary medical board investigator, tattooing a pet is legal unless it is considered animal cruelty, defined as the dog feeling pain or being maimed. 7 (UPI) -- Much like human babies, baby gorillas are cute, they crawl before learning to walk and they love breast milk.
1 (UPI) -- People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals celebrated 35 years of advocating for animal rights with a star-studded bash Wednesday.
16 (UPI) -- From Michael Costello's completely sheer gown with strategically placed beading to Dennis Basso's cheeky shorts, designers are venturing more and more into the revealing in their creations for next years' sunny months. 12 (UPI) -- Olive Garden is offering free babysitting for couples who want to go out for a date night and eat unlimited breadsticks on Feb.

24 (UPI) -- This video shows a dog being rescued in Yangmingshan National Park after being caught in a cruel-looking gin trap, which pins an animal's legs between steel bars.
Maybe it's some sort of new zoning regulation because of the upscale casino that's been built across the street. There was even talk of moving the sphere to another spot in the city, which would have cost close to a half-million dollars, said local steel worker Glenn Williams, who advocated that the globe be turned into condominiums. Here are some interesting facts about these tiny primates who share about 98.3 percent of their DNA with humans. UPI also provides insightful reports on key topics of geopolitical importance, including energy and security. It became known as UPI after a merger with the International News Service in 1958, which was founded in 1909 by William Randolph Hearst. No portion of this document may be reproduced, copied or revised without written permission of the authors. Australia was painted upside-down and a hurricane swirling off the Georgia coast rotated clockwise.

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