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There are many options to choose from the trendy tattoo designs available in the market, however till date small tattoo designs are the most popular by far. Various choices of tattoos are available for men, like the Celtic band can be chosen which is quite popular and one can get it done on his wrist or finger.
The first evidence of tattoos  was found on mummies dating from 2000 BC and  many women of ancient Egypt. This was believed that older women of the tribe were responsible for creating tattoo on the body of younger ladies.

However, it is not always that they are considered feminine, but small tattoo designs for men are also considered to be equally sexy.
The tool that was used to generate the tattoo were made up of wood and even till 19 th century, similar appearance tools were used to craft tattoo. People served these permanent marks on their body as amulets, the memory of the love,  status symbols, figures of punishment, signs of religious beliefs, and adornments. These designs are quite complicated  to design and often exercised for ceremonial purposes.

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