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Earlier this week Zayn Malik showed girlfriend Perrie Edwards that he is in it for the long haul – by getting a tattoo of her face on his arm!
Z’s fresh ink depicts a cartoon version of a girl that bears a striking resemblance to Perrie, complete with her wardrobe staples – a knit hat, Zayn’s camo jacket, and a crop top. A tatuagem e uma marca permanente feita atraves da insercao de tinta nas camadas da pele para mudar o pigmento por razoes decorativas ou outras.
Tatuagens em humanos sao um tipo de modificacao corporal decorativa, enquanto tatuagens em animais sao mais comumente utilizadas para identificacao ou marca. TweetThroughout different cultures all over the world, lions are a symbol of power and royalty.
If you are considering getting a lion tattoo to symbolize your own strength and power, here are some great examples of lion body art.

Coupled with a mantra that demands success, this lion tattoo encourages the person who has it to be courageous.
With his mane billowing behind him, this lion tattoo has the appearance of the subject being on the hunt. We’re sort of wondering how P feels about it, but also can’t get over how romantic (creepy?) this is! Hoje podemos encontrar berberes do Tamazgha e maori da Nova Zelandia com tatuagens faciais.
Kings and Queens often placed a lion on their coat of arms in order to show a symbol of their supremacy and power, giving lions an ages-old association with the royal crown.
What many don’t consider is that legends of fairies go back hundreds of years, if not longer.

These small, human-like creatures are often said to symbolize a love and respect for nature. Na sociedade de hoje, as tatuagens sao amplamente aceitas e sao usadas ??para transmitir uma mensagem ou arte.
The lion is also a symbol of courage, bravery, and loyalty, making it representative of many admirable qualities.

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