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Little angel with sun in memory of grandpa, who lost his life due to negligence of a drunken driver.
An apple behind the ear representing a sequence from the story Genesis where Eve plucks the forbidden fruit from the tree.
Amazingly detailed praying hands behind the ear paired with a beaded rosary necklace across collarbone.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Cara Delevingne announced her first ever tattoo on Instagram today: a lion on her right forefinger. The party-hardy model and sometime Alexander Wang muse has always had tatts on her upper arm, but showed off a beefed-up version of them for her Zadig and Voltaire campaign.
Distraught mother rating: “Honey, I love you, but why tattoo your own name on yourself? Next to Freja and Erin, Abbey’s probably got the most tattoos out of any on the list. Disaronno have got together with one of the world’s preeminent design studios for a winning beverage.

Demi Lovato’s turquoise piece behind her ear has pumped up the craze for the location all the more. Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world. But her real crowning glory is the design of two tiny swallows on her lower back Рtattooed by Lucian Freud, who learnt the trade while he was in the Navy. Choose any design that you have desired for long and get it inked to get a head-turner style.
If you wish to find out what may look good on you, the list below can give you some great ideas.
You can grin, turn around and tell them that it is an ear tattoo.An ear tattoo is something that you can get when you are dying to make a rebellious statement, but do not want to make too much of a splash. Just think about it, you get to do something that you have always wanted to do but without being a point of controversy in places like where you work or with your in-laws. After all tattoos are about expressing yourself and symbolism and need not always be loud and visible.The ear is a great location as there is scope for making it hidden if you want or selectively display it. You can get it on shell of the ear, behind the ear, on your ear lobe or the area from behind your ear to the neck.

Just kidding!On a serious note, if you are considering an ear tattoo, the way to go would be with smaller ones. But you can and should let your imagination, the talent of the artist and some research give you some mind blowing results that are worth the strain.As with any tattoo, do spend time thinking about your motivations behind getting the tattoo and also the fact that you have to live with it forever. You will have to resist scratching that itch but this is essential for the tattoo to heal well and look good in the long run.Do consider all the pros and cons of getting an ear tattoo. Every aspect of the tattoo starting from the why and what of design to the time and commitment in terms of money should be considered. Also do consider that a tattoo may have implications on the future if you are prepared to deal with it.Plus in an ear tattoo, you do have to consider that though it is easier to conceal a tattoo on the face or the neck, it is still going to be visible. This means that you have to be prepared to answer the questions and doubts that people may raise about it.In case you are prepared for all these factors, then move on to researching a design that will work with the particular area that you are getting tattooed. Then talk to the artist about how much time your ear tattoo will require along with the pain and cost factor.

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