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From corporate clients, to editorial, sports and event photography, Craig’s work spans a broad base of subject matter and clients.
The holiday rush, finishing up at the office, and getting ready for those special times with the family takes up a ton of everyone’s time. This month I managed to sneak in a couple of projects that would ultimately end up being a Christmas present for my sister. Just click the social media icon of your choice at the bottom of each page on the site.So what am I carrying around these days? From camera bodies to strobes and light modifiers, you can check out what I’m currently using here…NEW GOOGLE+ PAGEHang out on Google+ ?
The first one would be a casual environmental portrait with letting the kids be themselves.

You can learn more about them and preview the books online here…NEW INSTAGRAM PAGEThe new Instagram page is up.
The site will not only include images from my work, but my life with the camera in general. When heading out to shoot the portrait I had all of these grand ideas of doing it in the late afternoon with a great sunset going down over the lake that would be my natural backdrop.
It was raining on and off and it certainly didn’t even remotely resemble what I had in mind.
Not really the look you’d want for a portrait that’s supposed to be memorable right? The fact is the shot was taken with a D3x, auto white balance, and with the meter making the decisions for the exposure.

This is the picture that anyone could have taken with their camera if they would have walked up and taken the shot. This is what your camera sees and meters to for what it perceives as a proper exposure for the conditions.
This is a picture that anyone can take and it’s what you should expect when you let your camera make all of the exposure decisions for you.

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