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A few weeks ago a British man was refused entry to Sri Lanka because he had a large visible tattoo of Buddha on his arm. Initial reports suggested that the visitor had also voiced disrespect towards Buddhism although the man later declared that he was himself a Buddhist and that far from being an insult, the tattoo demonstrated his affiliation to the religion. That entails being sensitive to the communities we visit and ensuring that we are aware of different cultural norms. Glossy marketing and the relative ease of global transport can mask the fact that tourist destinations often have very different customs to those found in liberal western cities. Had the visitor read our Travel Advice he would have seen that we caution against causing perceived insult to Buddhism. But while visitors need to be better informed and respectful of the countries they are visiting, a degree of understanding and tolerance is also desirable on the part of the hosts. This has been managed in Maldives through a clear separation between resort islands and those inhabited by Maldivians, but the cultural differences have nevertheless given rise to tensions. In Sri Lanka, while many see the economic opportunities offered by increasing visitor numbers, there are also concerns amongst some local people that traditional livelihoods and cultures are coming under threat.
It’s been reported that the decision to deny entry to the man with the Buddha tattoo was made partly on the basis that his safety could have been at risk.
That could well be the case, but if so, it tells a sad story about the growing levels of religious anxiety in a country usually famed for its hospitality towards visitors. This page displays blog posts and images that have been created by the group involved in running this project or exchange. Apart from tattoos they also deal in body piercings and have a nice and affordable assortment of various piercing jewelleries.

If you want to have a tattoo removed or being replaced with another one, Shasee can take care of it, regardless the size of the tattoo.
Sri Lanka is particularly sensitive about images of the Buddha.Practised religionMs Coleman said there was initially no problem with officials but two taxi drivers and a plain clothes police officer told her she was breaking the law and brought her to a police station to make a statement. Ms Coleman arrived at Bandaranaike International Airport on Monday, having flown from India. A major inquiry is under way after an EgyptAir passenger jet suddenly vanished from radar screens over the southern Mediterranean. Sri Lankan immigration officials took the view that it would cause offence and concluded that he should not enter the country.
Whatever the truth behind the conflicting reports, this is a good example of how tourism can result in cultural misunderstandings.
On the other side, countries like Sri Lanka and Maldives which open themselves up to large scale tourism need to be prepared for the fact that people with very different perspectives and values will visit their shores. We also recognise that such freedoms are necessarily limited where such expression has a negative impact on others (e.g.
In Maldives, for example, this means having to balance traditional Islamic customs which outlaw alcohol and revealing clothing with providing a relaxed environment for tourists who pay a lot of money for a well-earned holiday in paradise. And while many tourists enjoy exploring new destinations and cultures, they also need to feel that they are safe and protected in areas less accustomed to foreigners.
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Her tattoo features a Buddha sitting on top of a lotus flower.Last March, another British tourist was denied entry at Colombo's international airport because immigration officials said he had spoken "disrespectfully" when asked about a tattoo of the Buddha on his arm.
The man with the tattoo of Buddha claimed that he was exercising his right to free expression.
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