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Guns, machines, needles, inks and supply cases not only in abundance, but in awesomeness as well. From master to apprentice, we have every tint of ink, every styling supply bag to hold your equipment, every needle and sterilization product to keep you on point.
We work with tattoo shops in Miami to better them at their craft, through special inks by IntenZe and Skin Candy among others, through tricked out machines and tight gear by the Sullen Art Collective and through faith that the moment they confirm their order, they better themselves as artists. We're not just your run-of-the-mill wholesale tattoo supply Miami shop providing for those who do Miami ink tattoos. When it comes to Miami Ink Tattoos, we don't tell any artist how to channel or what choices to make toward their craft.

One of the most important things about practicing the art of tattooing is making sure everything is clean - take a look at our Tattoo Sterilization Equipment for our selection of autoclaves and ultrasonic cleaners.
We stock our shelves and online stores with the ambition of the best Miami ink tattoo artists in mind.
We're windows of opportunities to sharpen the symbols our artists stain on the skins of their clients. We let the artists come to us, we welcome them to tell us what they want and we'll bring the best deal possible. We aim to ensure that every all the Tattoo shops in Miami that associate with us, do better business with the best products that bring out the best in their practice.

Just as tattoos are declarations of brilliance in being to modify, enhance and empower those who get them, the artists coming through our doors and clicking through their online shopping carts become enhanced and empowered with products tailored to bring out the brightness and greatness.

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