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In the following tutorial you will learn how to create hand-drawn tattoo styled illustration in Adobe Illustrator. Let's create a New Adobe Illustrator document with a 1000 x 1300px size and RGB Color Mode.
Now we need to create a New Calligraphic Brush to help create some smooth contours to the design. When you're finished, select all the brush strokes you created in this layer and go to Object > Expand Appearance. Select all the objects you have in the "Florals" layer and hit the Unite button in Pathfinder panel to create one solid object. After you have finished, select all on this layer and Expand it by going to Object > Expand.

Cut this expanded object (Control + X) and paste it in a new layer placed under (Control + F).
Set of vector sea wave logos templates for your summer, travel or sea related logotypes and other designs. Free vector Vector Silhouettes Tribal Tattoo Elements, simple and modern high resolution design for print, web and more.
Collection of vector floral banners and templates with different kind of abstract flowers for your web designing, illustrations and postcards. You will need a graphic tablet such as Wacom to learn how to create, set up and use Calligraphic Brushes. I wanted to keep a vintage, old-fashioned style so the next step is to add thin lines to the scrolled ribbon to make it looks like it's engraved.

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Alternatively, choose the Direct Selection Tool (A) to move the points to make your lines more smooth. Just duplicate your first brush using the drop-down menu in Brushes panel and change Diameter rate to 1pt.
Create New Layer with the name "Scratches" and add vertical and horizontal lines to create shadows and an aged engraving effect.

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