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I lived overseas for a few years and spent some time in a few third-world countries where poverty, hunger, and disease are everyday worries for the vast majority of people who lost the birth lottery and were born there instead of somewhere like Canada.
When I moved back to Canada I was really taken aback by some of the abject poverty right here in Vancouver.
We live in a busy, information fuelled world that allows us to think for a brief second how terrible it must be for the less fortunate then quickly moves us on to what to make for dinner, what the Kardashians are wearing, or how do beat the traffic so we can catch the last 10 minutes of your kids soccer game. I can logically process families eating out of dumpsters in a Venezuelan barrio but not here in YVR.

What we try and do with ethically hip is provide people an opportunity to support local charities by doing something they would likely do anyway – shop! They came up with an idea to make awareness permanent by actually tattooing causes on volunteers.
So, while I agree that empathy is fleeting I am not so sure that tattooing a random hash-tagged world crisis on someone is any kind of answer. Far from it, but when you see it day in and day out I think we get an immunity of sorts going on.

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