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Meet the terrifying Devil Man from Colombia who even has black tattooed eyeballs and HORN IMPLANTS.
You certainly wouldn’t want Caim Mortis trick or treating outside your house asking for sweets. The 42-year-old has spent 11 years modifying his body including having his eyeballs tattooed completely black, horn-like dermal implants put into his forehead and forearms and a horn piercing. As a result of his menacing body overhaul Caim’s devout Catholic family rejected him and he moved from Colombia to Mexico where people are more accepting. Like Caim, lots of people want to stand out from the crowd, and he helps them in his jobs as a tattoo artists and body painter. It may not be quite Van Gogh - but this elephant artist would certainly give Botti-NELLY a run for his money.

This amazing range of doggy wigs for a hairier terrier is designed to give your pooch a new LEASH of life.
These are the eerie images of a New York tourist spot previously closed to the public for 60 YEARS. A man who dedicated his life to rollercoasters after a childhood trip to Blackpool has clocked up 1000 rides. I can certainly see the appeal of being able to change your eyes to whatever color you want.
Good to know that having a tattooed eyeball doesn't disqualify you from working at Comcast.
Still, the process of eyeball tattooing looks a little too painful for me to even consider it.

The process is quite painful, and the results range from mildly spooky to downright demonic.
A few of these pictures show the process of eyeball tattooing, and are not for the faint of heart.

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