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Maybelline Color tattoo 24 HR is by far the best budget cream eyeshadow's I've ever used. The ink technology creates amazing pigmentation and color pay off. I fell in love with the vibrant colors, which go from matte to very frosted, loaded with shimmer. Maybelline advices to apply with fingertips: sweep all over eye from inner corner and work outwards. In case you have hooded or hanging (droopy) upper eyelids, you can easy lift the upper eyelids with Lily Leading Instant Eye Lift, the best documented eye lift strip in combination with eye-makeup and used by several celebrities and famous make-up artists.
The strips form & shape a gorgeous fold in the upper eyelid with instant lift and are not visible when placed correctly.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. During the procedure, incisions are made around the areola, vertically downward, then under the breast at the inframammary fold. The nipple and areola are then moved to a more normal position and excess skin beneath the breast is removed.

Following the procedure, patients may experience bleeding, swelling, decreased sensitivity and discoloration.
If Ice Prince ever thought his biggest fans were from Nigeria, he must have had a change of mind after a Kenyan fan sent the rapper a photo of her arm with his name boldly tattooed over it.
Nigerian Rapper, Ice Prince has revealed on twitter that he just finished recording the biggest song of his life. Tattoo artist Boe Mencarelli applies a tattoo to the arm of Tim Fedlan at Key West Ink August 23, 2007 in Key West, Florida. The cream gel eyeshadow come in vibrant colors, do not fade, smudge or crease up to 24 hours. I got them on a special offer: buy one + get one for free, in a local drugstore (Kruidvat). It is designed to be stored upside down, which is the best way to prevent cream eyeshadows from drying out. After a 40-year ban on permanent body tattoos Key West has allowed two tattoo parlors to open as part of a legal settlement over city's rules.
You can stick them over the gel cream eyeshadow, or apply some gel cream eyeshadow over the strips.

This was so that when the soldiers were on parade, their tattoos were not visible in their suits.
The ban was put in place on the island in 1966 when a Navy commander wanted to prevent sailors from getting them.
Both works great: the strips adhere excellent over the eyeshadow and the eyeshadow adheres excellent over the strips. Key West Ink sued the city, claiming the prohibition on their opening shops there violated their constitutional rights.
Unfortunately 9 matte and 5 metal shades mentioned on the Maybelline website are not yet in the shops in the Netherlands, but will try them out as soon as possible. What I love about cream eyeshadows in general is the staying power, versatility and have no messy fall out like some powder eyeshadows.

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