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Death tattoos can be very frightening but many people are amused with its deep symbolization and perception of life and death. Death tattoos are used by various cultures and may be represented in different forms and images.
In the modern society, tattoo artists try to come up with more imaginative and artistic symbolization of death. Many individuals associate death tattoos with evil and malevolence but apart from this it expresses the realities of life and man’s existence. You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Each one of us has his own view of death and it can be easily recognized with death tattoo design of your choice.
Needles and pills are just some of the modern day tattoo designs that signifies suicide or drug overdose which eventually causes death.
Customized death tattoo designs may include special dates of birth and death, to always remember and feel the presence of one special person that has passed on to the next life. Man’s curiousness with death’s way of consuming life arouses our imagination and creativity that comes out in many death tattoo designs. The motifs available in the Day of the Dead or also suited very well to tattooing which explains the rise of the Day of the Dead tattoos. Bio-hazard, radiation and poison symbols also add up to the various illustrations of death’s plan in succumbing man’s life in unusual ways. Bold reds, blacks, and whites feature heavily.The Day of the Dead festival has its roots in Mexico and can be traced back before the colonization of Central America. Tarot cards represent the inevitability of Death since tarot cards are used to predict the future. But it solely opens up our awareness with the cycle of life and eventually all of us will be experiencing death one way or the other.

According to some experts, it can be traced back to about 3000 years, a thousand years before Christ.
The Grim reaper is one famous death tattoo design which alone can send out the message of death anytime. Before the Spanish brought Catholicism to the region, the natives of the area kept skulls as trophies.
Snakes, scorpions and spiders are poisonous creatures that could eventually lead you to death’s way with just a single bite.
These objects were symbols and death and rebirth and were celebrated during a festival which is now known as the Day of the Dead.The festival takes place around the same time as the Catholic holidays like All Saints Day and All Souls Day.
Frightening creatures and images of the Apocalypse are also very effective in conveying the message of Death lurking within our midst. In most parts of Mexico, the 1 of November marks children who have passed and the following day is dedicated to deceased adults.
Her gaze is haunting and the black and white shading adds to the darkness of the character. This tattoo is great for both males and females who want to commemorate this holiday on their skin.In the Presence of a Goddess TattooIn the Presence of a Goddess tattoo celebrate the Lady of the Dead with symbols of life as well.
Her mouth is sewn shut, her eyes are static in a distant gaze, but as holds her face in her palms you can see the decoration around her eyes and the red roses in her hair. The Lady and the Sombrero TattooThis tattoo shows the goddess in a festive mood with a Mexican sombrero hat. The Lady of the dead is depicted in many ways and this is one of the uncommon ones.Day of the Dead Mariachi TattooWhen you think of Mexico, you think of mariachi bands and the day of the dead. This tattoo embraces both aspects of the culture with a skeleton of a dead mariachi still playing his guitar. This tattoo represents the celebratory aspect of the festival and is an interesting way to commemorate the holiday on your skin.Day of the Dead Lovers TattooThe Day of the Dead Lovers tattoo is a great piece for a couple to ink and cement their commitment to each other.

Each individual takes on of the skeleton figures on their arm and when you come together with your partner, the dead couple will also embrace.
It has a 60s hippy feel to it as the skull is decorated with colorful flowers and the head is also smiling.
This tattoo will work well on the arm or the chest and it is a lighthearted illustration of the Day of the Dead.The Lady of the Dead, the Autumn QueenThis depiction of the Lady of the Dead is both bloodied and thought provoking. The keyhole on her forehead symbolizes the entrance into the world of the dead and the expression on her face is almost welcoming.
The redish leaves on her head represent the decay of the autumn season as the lady awaits for the rebirth of spring.Real Life Goddess of the DeadThis tattoo takes a picture of a real girl and turns the image into a tattoo of the Lady of the Dead. It is a morbid and unusual way to pay homage to the goddess, but it is definitely a fantastic tattoo. The girl is the picture is captured perfectly in the black and white shading and adding the features of death and decay being the Lady of the Dead to life.Day of the Dead Mariachi Cowboy TattooThis cartoonish depiction of dead mariachi cowboy celebrates the festival with bullets and flowers.
Although the image represents death, this tattoo leaves you with a smile of your face mirroring the skull in the image.Songs of the DeadThis tattoo is a fantastic tattoo of a dead mariachi in mid song playing his guitar.
The intricate details of this tattoo make it a black and white masterpiece that is an ultimate Day of the Dead tattoo.
When you see this image, you can easily imagine this mariachi serenading your ancestors and the goddess for all eternity!

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