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Perhaps the greatest benefit of choosing a temporary tattoo is the short amount of time it remains on your skin. Apply the temporary tattoo to the freshly cleansed skin, according to the manufacturer's instructions. Use a soft brush, such as a makeup brush, to gently apply a thin layer of talc or baby powder to the surface of the tattoo. The right treatment for white patches on the skin depends on what caused the skin changes in the first place. Pityriasis alba is another condition that may be responsible for light or whitish patches that form on the skin; no one knows its cause. Some people develop white skin patches because of vitiligo, which is marked by the loss of melanin, the substance that gives skin its pigmentation. A person may attempt to make the white patches of vitiligo less noticeable rather than treating the condition. Treatment options for people with vitiligo include medicated topical creams that are used to restore pigmentation. Is it true that vitiligo is a psychological condition? I have heard about several people who developed this condition after a sad event or trauma. My kids love to play with temporary tattoos, and I have to admit there is some pretty awesome designs available.  A few years ago at Catie’s 11th birthday party she had to have temporary tattoos for kids!
Have you heard of Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos?  They have some pretty fun designs, are fun for the kids, and easy to apply.  Gumtoo Temporary Tattoos are fun for kids to play with, they last longer than a sticker and add a fun design to their arm, foot, leg or wherever they choose.
I am guilty of real tattoo’s, think they are a great way to express who we are, what we like, and things that have meaning to us.  People get tattoos for all kinds of different reasons.  The kid’s just want to have fun, and look cool with their new airplane tat!
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My grandkids would love to get the tatoos…they are cute and the fact that they are temporary is a giant plus. Would be a fun thing to do with girls when you have a sleepover……they would love it! A wife, mother and blogger, Heather graduated, high honors, with a degree in Communication from the University of Cincinnati.
Though temporary tattoos are designed to last for brief durations--normally from two to five days--there are situations when a slightly longer-lasting tattoo may be preferable. Using soap and warm water, scrub the area gently with a washcloth to remove any dead skin cells.
Though temporary tattoos are normally waterproof, scrubbing or washing the tattoo directly will shorten its lifespan. This can take a long time to happen, however, and many children will have the rash for months. When a person has this condition, melanin production comes to a halt and patches of unpigmented skin develop. Sometimes ultraviolet light therapies, in combination with topical or oral treatment methods, are used to restore coloring. After my great aunt passed away, for example, my great uncle developed vitiligo and that too overnight! He has large white patches all over his body now, including his face and hands. They’d be good for babysitters, or even school kids instead of the stars they used to give out.Do they still do that?
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With proper care and attention, you can extend the life of a temporary tattoo and prevent it from fading, peeling and cracking before you are ready to remove it. For other conditions, doctors may use repigmentation or depigmentation, medication, or even surgery to return the skin to its normal coloring. Tinea versicolor is caused by a fungus and can be treated with antifungul creams and shampoos.
For those with white patches that cover more than 50 percent of the skin, a depigmentation treatment may be used instead. My mom thinks that it's caused by worrying too much and it might get better when the psychological cause is treated. Is that true? I had to use oral and topical medications for several months to get rid of it. Keeping out of the sun is not enough. She must have touched her face after holding her cat. She went to the doctor and was given anti-fungal medication to take. A person with this condition may start with an over-the-counter medication, moving on to prescription-strength medications if necessary. Surgical options, such as skin grafting, which involves transplanting pigmented skin onto whitened patches, and tattooing may be used to produce a more even skin tone. She had to take her cat to the vet too and the cat also took anti-fungal medications at the same time. She basically hid in her house for a week, but thankfully the patches disappeared after a week and all went back to normal.

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