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The Buenaventura Art Association held a three day workshop - Contemporary Figure Painting & Collage. Immediately after, we prepared the classroom for a 4 day Loosen Up with Aquamedia Workshop.
I just got back from a week at the Sedona Arts Center - what an amazing place - Large workshop room and those red rocks! Here's a couple of websites to use to practice figure drawing - they are both "suggested donation" based if you use them. Most paint tubes or jars will indicate somewhere on the label if the paint is either transparent or opaque. All this is helpful info if you need to "cover up" an area in your painting or if you are color-toning an area in your painting.
To varnish a painting, I use just varnish, such as Holbein's Crystal Varnish for a crystal clear protection or Holbein's Mat Varnish for a mat finish protection. Dorland's Wax Medium is an additive oil based medium I have used as a final wax protective  coating on my watercolors (no glass or mat needed), oils and acrylic paintings.
I listened to a segment of Fresh Air Weekend on our local NPR station - Sam Baker interview.
Art Festivals can be a great way to supplement your income, get feedback for your work and meet other artists and gallery owners. There are many resources out there for discovering the top art festivals, local art festivals - even international art festivals! Professional Artist Magazine (formerly Art Calendar Magazine) is a subscription-based magazine, also available online and as an app.
And a big congratulations to our good friend Robin Walker - he showed his artwork at the Affaire in the Gardens Festival in Beverly Hills in May. Introducing the Burridge Studio app for iPhone, iPad and Android.  Create show-stopping paintings with the help of artist, Robert Burridge. The Burridge Studio App is free - there are in-app purchases for the Color Wheel app and the 3 Studio Charts apps.
Buy a standard color wheel or download my Goof-Proof Color Wheel app… it's totally different and place it near you, not hidden away in a drawer. You will notice, starting at the color on the top (yellow) that the three primary colors (yellow, red and blue) are one of the Triadic color combination.
In the interest of brevity, there remains several more color combinations from which to choose. This exercise teaches you about a loose, wet technique for mixing colors and to see how beautiful color can be when loosely mixed without over mixing, which results in mud. Try this: I collect my not-so-hot paintings (I call them turkeys) and  trim all to the same size. With a chicken silhouette in mind, I painted an opaque white color, over the background  - the part that didn't look like a chicken. With the benefit of negative shape painting and opaque color, I eliminate the part of the painting that doesn't look like a chicken! Mary Ellen from Colorado asks: "I recently purchased your DVD and it looks like you paint with gesso. And for us who prefer to paint an overall color tone first, I use one of the eighteen color gessoes  from Holbein.
Note: I suggest you do not add your own color paint to any white gesso to do an overall tone.
To clean your brushes, I suggest a good professional brush cleaner such as Murphys Oil Soap, CitraSolv Castile Soap, or Bristle Magic. That said, I pick out my brushes when I'm in an art store or a trade show so I can feel them. I am asked - What are my favorite art materials I work with in my studio?  I put together this list - from paint to paper to brushes; varnishes to mediums; barrier creams to signing pens! The Cape Town Art Fair took place this year at the CTICC, after having bounced around from venue to venue over the last few years. Speaking of gifts, Kate and I were presented with a great tee shirt at a workshop in Colorado. For more of my workshops all over the county, click HERE to check out my workshop schedule. Seven nights lodging at the villa, nightly genuine Tuscan meals and fine wine are included. If you have been in my workshops, you experimented with the liquid cleaner Citra Solv I use in my art. We have been doing art festivals for many years - and I am happy to say that we have ALWAYS experienced something positive from participating: Sales, Commissions, Publicity, New Galleries, Meeting Collectors are the ones that come readily to mind.
2) If you sit, use a tall stool or director’s chair so you will be eye-to-eye with your customers. It has been brought to my attention that my Goof Proof Color Wheel has a warm side and a cool side.
I talk about the importance of recognizing the color values in your painting - but the other important ingredient is determining whether your painting is warm or cool.

I suggest making a gray scale chart of your colors starting at #10 (full color) all the way down to #0 (no color). I need a constant reminder about using contrast as a good tool for creating a successful painting! For a detailed description of the Burridge Rembrandt Style Lighting Chart, and how to purchase it click HERE.
So, if you are interested in what kind of a commitment it takes to be an heroic and risk-taking artist, the true facts are in this favorite artist book of mine.
If you are a fan of the early 60s New York art scene, then you already know about Herb and Dorothy Vogel. A theme could also be about feelings (happy, sad), a word (hug, alone) or any personal event (such as Van Gogh’s last years in the asylum). This makes it very hard for a designer because you need to make the brochure eye-catching and easy to read, but still work in all the important information.
From stunning Art Work to Amazing Graphics & Illustrations, We deliver useful information, latest trends and techniques, useful ideas, innovative approaches and tools.
The Watercolor Society of Oregon's three day Spring Convention had me hopping like a bunny.
The workshop was "Contemporary Figure Painting & Collage" and we worked with two undraped models. Check out my Robert Burridge's Workbook & Studio Notes for more techniques to help you stay loose, relaxed and creative! Navigating around the slick full page gallery and auction ads I eventually get to the meat… artist profiles and books, International news, but heavy on the East coast. After reading one of those reviews I have no idea what the painting or the artist's show is about. With every newsletter, Kate will post your questions and her responses on the subject of marketing, sales, and promotion. When Bob was just starting out to see if making money was even an option, we entered a few art festivals nearby our community. They have a large community of artists as well with chat rooms, web pages and calls to artists. The Burridge Studio app features his Goof-Proof Color Wheel as well as several reference charts that help you achieve your painting goals, from Rembrandt-style lighting and painting the illusion of glass, to dynamic design compositions. It is interactive so you can touch the dominant color on the device's screen and it moves to reveal the color combination. Complementary - Any two colors opposite each other on the color wheel plus black and white.
Many books have been published on color theory and I feel the book "PowerColor" by Caroline Jasper explains much more in depth with many color examples. However I utilize some kind of color wheel combination that someone has already figured out for me. This isolates the painting from the visual clutter and makes it easier to critique the finished piece. This is also a great way to start your day in the studio as part of your daily warm up exercises. Also, that is where I buy my Fabriano watercolor paper, as well as their Sennelier line of paints. Besides traveling to workshops and hosting our own Studio Mentor Workshops, we also had the great fortune of being accepted to exhibit at the Sausalito Art Festival (every Labor Weekend) and the La Jolla Art & Wine Festival. Please have an easy writing area, preferably a standing desk to make it easy for you and your cusomers. Each month will be a different subject matter, including still lifes, abstract, landscapes, figures, etc.
That’s one of the reasons why I created my Rembrandt Style Lighting Chart for your studio.
The latest book, Chuck Close: Life by Christopher Finch is an astonishing and inspirational book about his detailed life - how a major, successful, contemporary painter is upended by the traumatic collapse of his spine, leaving him a quadriplegic in seconds. As an aside, interestingly while Chuck Close was going thru rehabilitation at the New Your City Rusk Institute, in the next room and at the same time was a young industrial designer (me) developing the first custom-contoured wheelchair seat for quadriplegics. It’s an exciting documentary of a postal clerk and a librarian who managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections with very modest means.
What I’ve noticed about amateur painters is they paint every subject they see in monthly artist magazines, paint multiple styles and display everything they do in their solo exhibition! The newsletters are full of inside studio tips, Kate's marketing articles, painting demos and advice on some of the top artist materials available.
First, I was honored to have juried their "Awash in Color" aqueous member exhibition - selecting twenty award winners was challenging due to the high caliber of the submitted artwork. The organizers, leadership and enthusiastic  volunteers showed me how exciting it is to be a member of a well-run, statewide watercolor society.
They came all the way from Florida, Oregon and all over California to paint their stuff in the studio and on the deck. I have another Figure Workshop coming up soon at Dillman's in Wisconsin - the details are below.

I purchase a gallon for $85 from Cheap Joe's Art Stuff and use it for my oil paintings and for protecting my watercolors … like waxing a car! Think pop culture, fashion, art stuff and art gallery openings and a handful of inquisitive articles.
If your question is selected for the newsletter, you will receive a Burridge Permission Mug. They are known for their "Listings" of Festivals, Galleries, Juried Shows and articles that specifically address marketing for artists. Pinch to zoom, swipe and scroll through charts to get a better view of the techniques that Robert Burridge uses. Also included in this app is a image gallery of finished paintings and color combination demos, all identified with their color combination. This increases my chance of a successful painting, no matter how wild or experimental I get.
You know how disrespectful I am with my art stuff; however I clean my brushes with either Murphy Oil Soap or Castile Soap from Citra Solv everyday. Also - I’ve discovered the pure Castile Soap from the same company for super-cleaning my dead brushes. They are permanent, extremely fluid (great for stick drawing) and are available in 30 intense colors.
Use it to help create lighting effects, contrast and softness - all with the help of the gray scale. In my studio and during workshops I play many different styles - classical, world, jazz, lounge… This month I wanted to hear some jazz and good electronic beats! The entire symphony is based on the one theme of only four notes (four colors?) da da da DAAAA. Click HERE for the ArtsyFartsy Newsletter archives of course, I like to include my recommendations for books and music in each issue.
On the fourth day Kate and I conducted a one day Art Marketing Workshop to a crowded classroom filled with artists (and their managers) who want to make more money and get into more shows and galleries. Slow to dry, fast to dry, glazing, thickening, thinning, heavy body, soft body, encaustic, marbling, waxes. We had success in gaining collectors, a couple of awards and a few galleries in the process.
I like this magazine because they rate the different festivals and give you valuable info such as, number of patrons attending, average amount of sales, whether there is an admission charge etc. Robin said this about being accepted - "Bob told me to send the work you like the best—not what you think they want. My favorite part is after they dry, my liquid acrylic varnish won’t smear the drawing. I start each and every painting by spreading a midtone (#5) of the dominant color over the entire painting. And yet, he only and has always painted close to the canvas - only portraits - only faces from photographs.
I really enjoyed giving initial response critiques of the artwork to a "standing room only" audience of 300+ members. There are competitive products with these same features, but for this month, I’m using Liquitex Professional Acrylic Ink. So if you want to know a lot more about acrylic painting (and I do) get this first edition! It’s a lot easier for me when I actually use my goof proof color wheel and only four colors.
But when you stand back twenty feet, the 10 foot by 15 foot canvas appears exactly like his large format Polaroid® photos that he paints from.
Later that evening I attended their annual awards banquet and had the opportunity to present the awards.
All that’s left to do is put in my darkest darks and the lightest light and the painting is well on its way towards being finished.
It gives me a sense of purpose and a sense of daily accomplishment which I happily cross off at the end of the day. I’m teaching an oil painting workshop next month at the San Luis Obispo Museum of Art, so my odiferous studio has stacks of wet canvases waiting to dry.
I prefer mediums for what they do and not for being fooled into thinking I'm getting two for the price of one.
This week in the studio has been exhilarating and scary (after all, it’s Halloween!) Oil techniques are a lot different than acrylic techniques.
I’m more attentive to mixtures - hoping to get correct mixing ratios and drying accelerators, plus keeping a healthy and safe environment.
Next issue you will read about my latest and current ongoing theme, using oil as my medium.

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