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I just bought a new Macbook Pro and I decided to completely redo the video I project during my shows. Codec stands for Coder Decoder and in this subject it’s refering to Coding and Recoding compression. So I set out to find the perfect codec for playing video in Ableton live on a mac during a live performance. If you play back a lot of animation movies, the animation codec works well and is light on the CPU. I’m wandering if there’s any codec for realtime performance,can renderer my video smaller file that can control my MacBook for our performance? I do not know if Ableton can render videos in MPEG-2 but if it does then edit the parameters that allow you to access the GOP Structure and select I Frames only (no P and B frames). H.264 is a great compression for straight playback in something like Qlab or Quicktime, but for use in an app that can tweak the playback like ableton or Isadora then its got to be photoJPEG all the way. I am currently trying to put videos into Ableton live 9, but I am experiencing a lot of GUI Lag.
The file size on this bastard was 1,2 gb and I can imagine (without having tried) that this is too much for Live to handle? This guide offers advice to help you decide the best method of connecting your guitar to a PC depending on your requirements.

I’ve just been through 3 days of nightmare while making sound design over some videos in Ableton. It is a 3 minute video in full hd (the full HD was a mistake – got to take it down to help live out (480?)). Other: Elysia Xpressor 500 stereo buss compressor, Neuman KH120 nearfield monitors, Ableton live, Boss DM-100 analog delay. If you were to export your video from your editing system (Final Cut Pro) without any compression the file size would be huge. Now i now i just have to convert my video into a CPU lighter format so i can work more easily ! Thousands of creative individuals use products from Et Cetera's portfolio for music creation, composing, performing, recording, and editing music and sound on the desktop. YouTube and dozens of other popular websites are ready to help you spread your video all over the net. Well no because within the Quicktime format there are dozens of Codecs and options you can choose when rendering your video file.
I put multiple video files each the exactly the same except with different codecs into the timeline and the CPU meter in Ableton never changed. You could make it play really slow and take a lot of CPU cycles if you make the quality parameters very high.

This means Ableton is using some sort of external quicktime plug-in to handle video playback.
There are some super compression codecs that make great looking video at low files sizes like the new codec called from Apple called H.264.
The way to see how much CPU each codec demands is to launch Activity Monitor and double click Quicktime.
All the other codecs including MPEG4, H.264, Sorenson and PNG all require over 40% of your CPU.
However all this makes me think… either your computer is underpowered, your running a lot of plug-ins or your latency is set so low the computer is having trouble running. Now one by one launch each rendered video clip using the Quicktime player application and watch the % CPU reading.
If your performing live with several audio tracks and plug-ins you don’t want 45% of your CPU going to play a video file.

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