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These are the type of horse tattoos that make all of us seriously consider heading down to the local tattoo parlor. Of course, some horse tattoos exist solely to remind us to check the credentials and reputation of all potential tattoo artists before we ever let them touch tattoo gun to skin. I also have a horse tatoo, it makes me really happy because everyweare I go someone always start talking to me, asking were I made it and everything Soon I’m gonna make another , because horses are never too much.

Sometimes I wonder how many of those bad tattoos were original drawings by the person, begrudgingly transcribed into the skin by a more talented tattoo artist.
Gen Anne enjoys using her 15 years of equine experience to share both knowledge and common horse-sense with the horse community as a whole. Gen Anne lives in Florida with her amazing husband, two wonderful sons and Romy, the palomino Quarter Horse she grew up with.

I have a couple of friends that are really, really good and he doesn’t charge an arm and leg.

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