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The Owl Aztec TattooA stone like texture with an owl totem in the center with Aztec words surrounding it.9.
Slavery Aztec TattooA Aztec tribe carrying a huge stone on its back, with a realistic hollow back as if the skin is carved.8. Raging Bull Aztec TattooA crack stone texture with a raging bull and has that raging eyes.7. Tribal Aztec TattooLike a carved tree tribal tattoo with all sorts of spiked vines growing and growing.6.
Tribe King Aztec tattooA Aztec king on the center with a stone marble texture created a hollow like 3D effect and the details are great too.5.
Life of Aztec TattooA bronze like texture that has been crafted showing the history of Aztec and showing all sorts of time line figure.4.

Runic Aztec Tablet TattooA stone like carved with the hidden language of the Aztec tribe each icon has its own meaning.1. Ornamental Timeline Aztec TattooA history of the Aztec civilization is drawn on the back, with symbols and languages hidden through each space. The Human Heart TattooDrawn out from a anatomy diagram but detailed and with careful shading it definitely symbolizes life.8. Overwhelmed by Blood TattooA heart emerging out of the skin expressing a strong heartbeat enough to plunge out of the skin.6. Ravaged HeartTorn skin flesh with broken bones exposing the heart with a bit of scratches and blisters.5. Open Heart Surgery TattooA open heart surgery exposing the very flesh of the heart with tractors on the side spreading the skin.4.

Protruding Heart TattooRealistic and detailed heart displayed externally, the veins are detailed and with a shine effect making it real.3. Organic Heart TattooTorn flesh exposing the pulsating heart fueled with organic green stuff making the heart pump lively and the details are realistic.2.
Drained by Heart TattooComplex and stretch out fibers attaching to the heart without a single drop of blood. Live Heart TattooThe most realistic and detailed tattoo even the fibers are shown in a more complex and careful shading, even the veins too are shown even in the slightest shade.

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