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Life may have given us very few options at times however choices in tribal tattoos are many.
If you liked our selection, perhaps these other posts will interest you too, Celtic Knot Tattoos, Shoulder Tattoos For Men, Japanese Sleeve Tattoos, and Cheetah Print Tattoos. Kaylee Smith is the owner of a tattoo parlor in Chicago and loves writing about tattoo designs and other design topics.
The proof lies in the fact that there is one big crowd out there which has inked themselves in tribal tattoos. From now on, you may wish to flaunt the shoulder not for the bulging biceps but for the tribal art.
Some of the designs are intricate and some are simple which are amazingly pleasing to the eye. Here you can see a circuit board style design that’s extended out in to a cool geometric and abstract pattern on the chest.

We particularly love the red ink splatter effect.Full moons are a great time to celebrate and now you can celebrate all the time!
For one they are up early (some of us even struggle with this) and their chirps can represent the coming of a new day. It is very common nowadays for both men and women to get pin up style women tattooed on themselves.A bold black owl sitting on top of a skull. Whilst it is beautiful, it’s also the kind of image that could give you nightmares!Lover of bacon?
Whilst designs like this were historically reserved for sailors and people who served in the navy, they are now common place, particularly amongst men that have a love for anything ocean related such as fishing, sailing, swimming or even something such as moving overseas in their life.A beautiful butterfly and flower design. Whilst there doesn’t need to be a reason behind getting such a pretty creature as the butterfly tattooed they do also hold a deep meaning.
The butterfly represents a change for the better in ones life, as the butterfly starts off as a caterpillar.

The pixies is a tiny creature and can represent the innocence of youth and well as nature and magic. Pixies are particularly popular tattoo designs amongst females and this particular one reminds us of Tinkerbell from the Peter Pan story.A really cool tribal style dragon tattoo design. It can represent anything from strength, to wisdom, to protection and even can serve as a reminder of greed and immorality.This particular design looks like it incorporates love heart shapes in to it which might be symbolic of the persons love for not only dragons but also the mythology behind them. As always we just need to keep in mind that a tattoo (for the most part) is for life, so it always pays to choose carefully.
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