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I have been studying body art and modification for over 10 years of my 21 years on this Earth. Rose tattoos have long been considered one of the most significant tattoo designs in various cultures of the world. The rose tattoos presented above vary greatly in their style and can be worn on any part of the body. And if not specified with 'do not share', then it will be shared to the blog with your name and link to your blog.
They can be worn by both women and men, and can signify a diverse array of important meanings. These tattoos can come in various colors and sizes, and are often combined with a number of other motifs and symbols, such as skulls, hearts, stars and other flowers.

Roses have been associated with Goddess Aphrodite in Greek mythology, and they have also served as an important cultural symbol in ancient Persia.
Rose tattoos were popularized by seafaring sailors, who sported them to represent their loved ones.
Although conventionally associated with depiction of love, roses have also been used to represent friendship, passion, death, grace and purity.
Brought together, the best friends reunite and the heart is complete.Another beautiful tattoo on a wrist is a small cluster of colorful stars.
Women are perfect cliches of flowers; so having a beautiful flower tattooed on the wrist is perfectly fitting.
The size of a butterfly tattoo is custom made for wrists.Other beautiful wrist tattoo designs includeOn and.

Everyone loves puppies, and two friends got an adorable puppy paw print tattoo on their wrists. Therefore, if there are some meaningful tattoos on your wrists, you are surely to be noted; and if the beholder is me, appreciated as well.

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