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Sleeve tattoos are slowly climbing the ladder as one of the most popular forms of tattoo art. We believe the last time this happened and few Upper Playground store members ended up with some new tattoos.
I simply don’t understand how these tattoo masters could spoil the cutest faces in the world?
A Sleeve tattoo refers to a tattoo done on the arms or legs, which covers the entire area similar to a sleeve of a shirt.

Sleeve tattoos are usually an assembly of small and large designs and are put together with backgrounds designs like stars, flowers, water or fire. Some people do have the common sense to do so while others will probably spend the rest of their lives with a bitter reminder never to fall asleep in a tattoo parlor ever again.
It’s not uncommon that they take several ink sessions and years before they are completed. The feeling that gives a person who has this kind of tattoo can only be described as powerful and awesome.

Enjoy and remember you are free to share your own tattoos as well by uploading them in the upload section. It has been known that people who actually do not have that kind of confidence try to get it by getting such a tattoo done.

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