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October 23, 2014 by Carolin 5 CommentsWhen planning a family photo session, most parents want to take unique photos that are genuine to the family dynamic.
Consider taking individual portraits of each member of your family as well as a group photo so you can create a photo wall in the home. Open up your imagination and create a fantasy style photo shoot to not only have fun but have interesting new photos for the home. A silhouette is an interesting option for family photos and one that a professional can create.
Disclosure: This is a promotional post with images from hottotrot via Flickr, Ilyas Guertelli, Marianne Wiest Photography, Wendy Vonsosen Photography and Anne Darling Photography. By hosting a unique photo shoot, you can have pictures that will not only last a lifetime but will fit your family personality. By hiring professional photographer such as Wimbledon Studio Photography, you can take individual photos and have portraits of your children as well as yourself to hang and enjoy in the home for many years to come. If your family enjoys video games, consider dressing up like your favorite gaming characters. Head outside during the spring, summer, fall and winter to be able to have a unique collage of your family.
While most people will choose traditional options for photos, you can do something interesting. Do something different and create black or gray silhouettes to remember your children’s or family profile as everyone changes with age.

This Easter, take your eggs one step further with these creative, different decorating techniques. Not only do you have friends and family to worry about, but if you’re lucky enough to live in a friendly neighborhood then you may want to send something over next door.
While most families want to be unique when picture-taking, it can be difficult to decide what type of photos to actually take. You can even create a lovely photo that is serious and then pair it with a silly version for a unique family collage.
You can create a luxury photo with simple items in your closet or rent pieces to create a one-of-a-kind family photo. If your family is sports oriented, choose a football field or sports venue as the backdrop for your photo shoot. Head to local train tracks or a unique brick wall in your town to have an interesting backdrop. Receiving an Easter Basket is so much fun for young children and I know some parents stop this gift-giving tradition once children reach their teens.
Below are a few examples of unique family photo ideas to create unique memories for your family. Think of areas you enjoy in your town or unique features that can be used to create the best photos for your family. The holiday season is already a tough time for the wallet, so you really can’t always afford to go out and buy everyone the best of the best.This is where we step in to save the day.

You can choose whatever color you enjoy to create a personalized look for your family photos. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most thoughtful, innovative and creative Christmas gifts that you can make or put together yourself that won’t break the bank and also won’t take up too much of your precious time.
Some may say it’s the thought that counts, but constructing something with your own hands and time can be so much more meaningful.Happy holidays!Candy SleighsWe all know that feeling when your little one declares that he or she wants to hand out gifts to the whole class; it’s adorable that they want to give, but it also spells trouble for you! These are great in kitchens so that people can write their grocery lists; teachers might love them too. It doesn’t require much time or effort, but it looks so much better than the original sleeve you get with the card. This is the best blog I’ve seen in such a long time, it is so full of brilliant and practical ideas. There are some great ideas example the playdough have you any idea what I should get for my mother so Christmas .
I have already bought her perfume have you got any diy ideas because at this minute I have to buy my kids their santa presents and trust me they have got long lists so I wouldn’t have much money left overReply Leave a Reply Cancel replyYour email address will not be published.

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