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If you’re looking for a tattoo design that is meaningful as well as beautiful, a Celtic tattoo might be a good choice for you. There are several styles of Celtic knotwork, reflecting unique periods in the culture’s history. The interlace style represents humankind’s connection with nature, while the spiral style, which represents balance and personal spirit.
So if you’re going to get a tattoo, shouldn’t it be personal and unique to you? You might be into cursive scripts, or you might prefer block lettering or an Olde English style. You can not only have the rainbow tattooed on your body but also use the spectrum of colors on them to make up other designs. Popular placements for this are wrist, knuckles, forearm, bicep, chest, and shoulder blade.
If you y’all can find one let me know, send me a picture of the design of that would be great, thanks and have a nice day.
If you’re going to integrate lettering into a graphic tattoo, though, be sure to have your artist draft the entire design so you can make sure the lettering works well with the images.
Plus in the symbolic sense, a rainbow is something magical and represents the right mix of things that is reflective of life itself.

There is no better way to show this dedication and love then to put it on yourself as a walking billboard for the world to see.
Less popular but more intriguing music tattoos consist of specific instruments, band logos, and portraits of artists.
Placement is key with font especially something like lyrics that needs to be read in order.
Each hue in the colorful rainbow is something that holds a lot of meaning.So you have the lovely prospect of using the rainbow itself in your tattoo design but also the choice of using the colors in other designs that you like. Music tattoos are fantastic in the sense that there are so many different types and placements. These would have more detail than just a simple music note so they would require more space. Choosing a wide space such as from shoulder blade to shoulder blade, or along your collar bones is a good idea. The types and possibilities of rainbow tattoos:You can either pick a rainbow design for its awesome look or give it your own spin to make a profound statement.
They would typically go on your back, entire arm, calf, neck, forearm, shoulder blade, or as a chest piece. All music tattoos are special to the individual who is getting it and are great pieces to admire.

You can create many variations to this design by moving the elements around.Rainbow and Shooting Star TattooProbably the most popular of rainbow tattoos is that of the combination of a shooting star and the rainbow, as seen below. It is usually safe to stick with black and grey for shading purposes on portraits and instruments. The overall view of the tattoo will stand out due to the effective blending of the different elements. Rainbow Tattoo with lightning: Lightning and rainbows remain things that continue to fascinate the child in us. Putting both together in the tattoo will really fill us with joy and also be visually stimulating. It is an excellent idea to create a rose that has petals of colors that mirror the colors of the rainbow.
By adding a tender and delicate aspect to it, one can really feel the impact of the beauty that this colorful rose has.

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