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More guys only love tattoo dragon on their chest, but now there are more tattoo designs can choose to tattoo on chest for men, even can design by yourself, crazy time and  crazy tattoos! Check out this really dope picture I found of some sick Psycho Realm tattoo, taken from a fan in Palermo, Chile. Urban Kings just received this picture from a fan that just got this tattoo of UKMG Artist Ms Krazie. Shout out to Yajaira Plascencia from San Diego, California for posting up this picture of her tatt she got that was inspired by Ms Krazie. Tattoos are expressions-cum-style statements that take inspiration from various aspects of our life. Urban tattoos depict various moods and emotions but the aggressive and tense aspects are conveyed more. Looking for some edgy stuff to be inked as tattoo design then try out this athletic lady with a fierce look on her face carved in green. A Japanese kimono wearing girl with fan in her hands and a colorful ambience looks graceful. The cute girl looks stylish in her tattoo with horses neighing loud on upper back and a rising sun motif in backdrop.
The three faced eagle holding a skull in its claws and covering the chest arouses fear in the onlookers. An awesome design with a large whale surrounded by numerous fishes creating an illusion of under water life. This one is a vibrant, colorful chest tattoo with a spiritual liner that signifies confidence.
Urban tattoos are all about expressing your wild and eccentric side as is evident on this boy’s hands. This colorful tattoo with a weird pattern resembling that of a modern art has a peppy look.
An owl with sky blue flowers perched on a clock resting on arm signifies a fearless attitude.
This sexy gal has got tattoos carved on her ribs, chest and hands with flowers and skull images.
The terrifying skull with blood oozing from it and flowers framing the sides inked on chest screams aggression and grief.
A cool liner inked on collar-bone that inspires and motivates one to achieve one’s dreams.

Swallows flying over folded hands carved on chest and skulls inked on arms presents a cool illustration of urban tattoo.
Tattoo with thorny shrubs and a ribbon curled around it bearing the name of a friend who is no longer alive. AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites.
It is of a beautiful girl getting her back leg and booty tattoo’d like a very sick individual. Tomorrow is the VERY LAST DAY to get your pre order in to receive the Ms Krazie FREE Autograph, Ms Krazie FREE Poster, Ms Krazie FREE Sticker, and Ms Krazie FREE Ringtone!
The images and designs inked on various parts of our body have their origin in nature and other art works.
Along with tutorials and articles, we also do round ups, how-to guides, tips, tricks and cheats on all of the hot topics in the design world.
Just wanted to share some sick artwork, tattoo work and remind you that its Psycho For Life and Sick Side Forever.
It is of the Psycho Realm infamous Gas Mask that Mr Herik (From Mexico), just got, and you know he has to be a true psycho to get this in such a dope way.
The tattoo artist captured every small detail of the eyes, from the eyebrows, to the eye lashes, to Ms Krazie’s signature blue eyes.
Lol I loved the name of her new album and how it fit in my life so I had my husband tattoo it on me when I first heard it.. Ms Krazie signed the girls back, then went to the tattoo artist and asked if he could tattoo her on the spot with Ms Krazie’s signature. It is a means of expressing their pent-up desires and tribulations that they undergo every day to survive in cities and get on with their complicated lives.
We always show love to the true supporters of Psycho Realm, from fan tattoo work, to artwork, to cool custom designs, to even fans showing their entire Psycho Realm CD Collection or concert footage. She is a huge fan of Ms Krazie and told us that she loves her new tattoo, not only because it’s message, but because it came from Ms Krazie. This is truely an amazing tattoo and came out better than the sketch did, and exactly like Ms Krazie’s eyes.
She has been a Ms Krazie fan since she released this album, and considers it one of the best albums in her music collection.
The CD will be available at all major music retailers, such as FYE, Best Buy, Hastings, and digitally through iTunes!

Everyone at the signing was cheering her on, and Ms Krazie turned and seen that this girl was getting her autograph on her. Ms Krazie’s words are so relatable to women all around the world, and thats why women always relate to the hardships and events that Ms Krazie has also went through to become the person she is today. There are many fans out there who have been very supportive of the UKMG Artists, such as Midget, Charlie Row Campo, Ms Krazie, Stomper and Spanky Loco. You can submit your picture of any UKMG Artist or anything to do with UKMG by Clicking Here. If you have any pictures with UKMG Artists, any tattoos of our artists or their lyrics or even drawn artists or painted artists, send them to us by CLICKING HERE .
Here is a glimpse into the colors and contours of urban tattoos through these 25 examples having the urban tattoo as theme and backdrop. If you have any cool UKMG inspired tattoos from any of our artists, or drawings, paintings, etc, then make sure to send them to us so we can post up your pictures!
If you have a cool tattoo of a Urban Kings Artist, of a song a UKMG Artist made, or even a line from a song, send the picture in, so we can show you guys some support back. We want to shout out Sneaky Cookie for getting this dope tattoo, and for supporting Ms Krazie and Urban Kings. And they have been showing it by tattoos, drawings, pictures with them, pictures of their music collection, and we definitely do see everything and we are appreciative of all the love and support.
Dont forget to include your Facebook name and Twitter name so we can give you credit for doing what you do!
If you want the world to know that your a die hard Urban Kings fan, or a fan of any UKMG Artist, make sure to take a picture of your cd collection, tattoos, drawings, airbrush, or whatever you have that is about Urban Kings or our artists. They have become very popular today and the youth is especially interested in flaunting them because they are the most affected from the ups and downs of the urban life style. We will put your pictures up on our blog, and we will give you some shine by putting your Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Myspace, Tumblr, whatever links you got!

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