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Nautical themed stencils can be a beautiful and relaxing design theme in your home, office or business.
We have designs from treasure chests and sea creatures suitable for a child's room to lighthouses, shore scenes and sailing themes for the home or office. Are you looking for some Free stencils to paint on walls or fabrics or to use in your craft projects? You can print these on some hard paper and cut and use or copy on a stencil sheet using a butter paper. This is a cute and free printable design with image of a bamboo, you can repeat it and create long bamboo trees on the wall by carefully placing it above the design and making a repeat pattern. Flowers and floral designs suit every place and bring freshness and happiness of spring season to any place.
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How to Download1, Click on any thumbnail image that you want to download, a bigger image will open up.

DO NOT Steal My workThe work that I have provided on this website is ONLY for personal use, please do not steal or share it on your websites. This Herringbone stencil comes in 3 sizes and can be used for both art and craft decorative projects or for home wall decorating. The stencil has been cut from transparent Mylar stencil sheeting which is thin yet strong and hard wearing. The most popular and quickest way to paint a repeat pattern stencil is with a dense foam roller and emulsion paint which works great on a wall.
Place the stencil at the top of the wall to paint your first repeat - making sure that it is level.
Well here are 6 very beautiful wall stencils that I have made today and I’ll make more so you can decorate your walls at homes and offices in best possible way. A beautiful flower with a butterfly, butterfly can be painted with multiple colors and flower will look great in pink. You can mix and match this with other flowers I am offering earlier and create a beautiful pattern in your room.

You can choose your own paint colours and create your own unique space with our easy to use reusable stencils. Our stencils are reusable, washable and flexible and are suitable for use with most types of paint. Color combination and your choice matter a lot but I believe these designs are so pretty that these will look good anyway.
Give me a feedback about these designs and also let me know which other stencils would you like to see for your walls.

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