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If you're not ready to join the Member Site, sign up for a Free Account to access thousands of free teaching activities. Sweetie 4 asked if she could attend Ministry Group and we could meet her there when we came back from the airport. She has really turned a corner in this area.  For nearly 3 years she was panicked if she were to go somewhere alone, and hypervigilent if going with a sister.
She would always worry that something was going to happen to me.  She hasn’t even mentioned it!
So last night, 2 girls were on the ski trip, sweetie one went to a friend’s house and sweetie 4 helped with the dinner, which somehow left Mike and I alone!
For instance, a long time ago, I read Building the Bonds of Attachment in the Deeply Wounded Child, by Daniel Hughes. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.

These charming free vintage valentine clip art images feature the usual cherubs, vintage Valentine flowers and Valentine hearts, but their also are a few more unusual ones.
NOTE: Please follow our terms of use when using these vintage valentine clip art images in projects or posting them to any blog, Web site, forum or social media site, commercial or non-commercial. Thanks so much for providing us clip art to make those special projects for our loved ones! I am publishing an online magazine and blog and would like to incorporate your link, always appreciate free graphics and would like to send some business your way.
Use these free images for your websites, art projects, reports, and Powerpoint presentations!
They have been on the Texas Scottish Rite Hospital Amputee Ski trip.  It is also the same time that we typically have Ministry Group.
There are a man and woman sitting in one of those paper moons that used to be so popular as photographic backdrops, a couple smoking, a clown, a train made out of flowers, lovebirds in a rosebush, a queen of hearts and a woman whose head seems to be encased in a net-covered heart!

Please help others find our free valentine clip art by linking to us from your blog or Web site. I would like to create individual Valentines to share with a small group of residents at an Alzheimer’s Assisted Living Center.
I was going to e-mail you a link you can just paste into your blog but I realized that sometimes e-mail software can cause problems with links.

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