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Best Weight Chart For Women: What’s your ideal weight according to your body shape, age, and height? The Golden Mask of India: Put and End To Dark Spots, Acne and Discolored Skin and Look Years Younger! Over the years we’ve seen some incredible, inspiring, and unforgettable love stories, some of them true and some of them purely fiction.
To remind you again now, I’ve been working hard to put together one hundred of the best romantic quotes that have been said throughout history. This famous quote from the Harry Potter series says all there is to know about love if you ask me. There’s not turning back to the people we once were or simply falling in love with someone else. What makes that journey worthwhile is the people we choose to travel with, the people we hold close as we take steps into the darkness and blindly make our way through life.
Advertisement Romantic Quotes #4.) Dr SeussThis is perhaps the best feeling in the world.
I love going to sleep at night and wondering what weird and wonderful dreams I’m going to have however I always prolong sleep as long as possible, immeasurably happy simply listening to the sound of my fiancees breathing and feeling his arms around me. Scott FitzgeraldWhen we think of all the things we want to do with our other half the answer should be simple; we should want to do absolutely everything with them.
We should want to experience everything, feel everything, see everything with no one but them by our sides. The rest of your life may fall apart around you, time and distance may separate you, but in the end love will win through. 10 Things I Hate About YouI could list of dozens things my fiancee does that annoys me and I’m sure he could list off hundreds of things about me but the fact is that even through all that we love each other. We love each other in spite of our flaws and despite all the things we do that should make us hate each other we still continue to fall deeper in love. Sometimes we want to hate each other but for two people who are truly in love it simply isn’t possible. If you want the deepest, truest love of all then you have to throw yourself into it fully and without reservation. Someone who sees our flaws not as flaws but as amazing little quirks that makes them love us all the more.11. FrozenOkay, so we may not be about to melt for our significant other but you get the picture. From the moment we meet that person, whether they stay in our lives or not, our path changes course and we start to chafe slowly but surely. Here the one and only Damon Salvator strips Elena’s soul bare and reveals exactly what she (and all the rest of us!) want out of love. Sometimes we do things to make someone special love us but all the while it’s us who ends up falling for them all the more.
The HobbitOkay, so this quote is nothing to do with love initially but I think the message is still the same. Karen KostylaSome of us are lucky enough to fall in love once or twice but the luckiest of us are those who find that someone they simply can’t live without and have the pleasure of falling in love with them day in and day out for the rest of their lives. Chuck PalahniukAgain, this quote isn’t originally meant to be about love but you know what they say, if the shoe fits! There’s something devastatingly romantic about the idea of creating a love that echoes through the ages.
There’s something poetic in building a love so strong not even death can tear it down. AnonymousLife isn’t always easy but so long as we have hope that we will find someone to help us through the darkness things will always get better. When everything else in life is taken from us and only love remains, we’ll still be happy for love is all we need.

Love is being there for each other through it all and enjoying all these simple moments for without these small things there are never ay big things. AnonymousAnd suddenly all your troubles melt away, all your worries are gone, and it is for no reason other than the look in your partner’s eyes. William WordsworthThis quote describes exactly the sort of person that we all want in our lives.
We want someone who makes everyday magical, someone who cares, someone who’ll be there no matter what. We Bought A ZooThis quote is perhaps one of my favourite on the list because you can apply it to love, friendship, life, adventures, anything!
Seriously, just twenty seconds of courage, madness, freedom, whatever you want to call it, can change your entire world.
Life and love are about picking yourself back up and being brave enough to step into the unknown once more. You have to be willing to put yourself at risk one more time, always one more time, to find great things such as love.32. I Love YouThere is definitely a difference between just loving someone and finding your should mate. We just need to realise that and be brave enough to keep searching for that special someone no matter what. Even when it’s all flowers, sweet smells, and rose, there are still thorns in there somewhere.
AnonymousFor those of us who’ve had relationships end and had our hearts broken, we know how devastating it can be. The fact is through we need to just forget the pain and leave ourselves open to being hurt all over again if we are to fall into the madness that is love all over again. Johnny DeppWhenever you wonder why your friend is with that jerk just remember that she obviously sees things in him that you can’t. Love enables us to open up and show people who we truly are so they and only they see us for us.40. We want someone to look at us and be able to tell us they adore us using nothing more than their eyes.43.
Sex and the CitySometimes all you need in love is to make each other happy, to make each other laugh. Maya AngelouI firmly believe that there is only one person that we’re meant to be with. Each of us are going to make mistakes, we’re going to hurt one another and be stupid. WhoAgain, this is for those of you’ve that have known pain and wondered why things have to be like that.
Tom HiddelstonIf you don’t love yourself then how on Earth can you expect anyone else to love you? We have to learn to love ourselves first and then and only then will we have something great to offer another soul.51. We should fear it but know that it’s worth the risk and we should throw ourselves full throttle into the darkness with nothing but hope to guide us. And, like learning to ride a bike, once we learn to love we never forget how and it seems we only become more reckless, if a little less fearful.53.
Neltje BlanchanSometimes it’s just not possible to put into words how we feel about another person. One Tree HillI think this quote can be applied to love in so many ways I can’t count. So long as you have someone who loves you and who you love to stand alongside then your life will be worth living.56. Some of us land ourselves in this very predicament and I think this sound advice from movie star Johnny Depp serves as a solid guide when choosing what to do.58. The Great GatsbyLove is about knowing that your partner will still be there for you after long years have passed, beauty fades, money is spent, children are grown up, and old age sets in.

You can be in love, you can be in lust, but true love is finding a harmony and feeling both.61. AnonymousThey say absence makes the heart grown fonder and I for one can definitely tell you that that’s true.
But the thing is there will be times when you have to be apart, the important thing is that nothing about your relationship changes during that time. You have to learn to appreciate each and every day and not to give up hope when things are tough.64. AnonymousI firmly believe that if you follow these simple rules then you’ll have a wonderfully romantic life.
Burton HowardFor all of you who are married, engaged, or even just planning to tie the knot someday, this is a golden quote.
Remember these simple rules and your marriage is sure to blossom into something beautiful and stand the test of time and weather every storm life throws at it.68. We all have different tastes and interests, different tolerance levels, different quirks, different styles. Love is about finding someone just as weird and we are and realising our weirdness makes us perfect for one another.69. This quote is for all of you who’ve been unlucky enough to lose someone, either through them walking away or through more permanent methods.
Nicholas Sparks – The Best of MeLove is about giving the best of yourself to your other half. That’s an action that will undoubtedly change you but in the end the change is for the best. It has the ability to make us both the happiest we’ve ever been and more sad than we ever will be all at once.
AnonymousIf you can make someone fall in love with you by touching their soul then they’re sure to be your forever. And by family I don’t just mean a packed kitchen table with a hoard of children around it.
Me and my fiancee are our own little family, a family of two (and the dog!), and our love is at the heart of that.75.
Your love is what keeps me going, but it’s also the anchor that keeps me close to you.
Dave Mattheus BandFor those of you with a guy best friend, ask yourself this: is he really just been your best friend?
I firmly believe that guys and girls can be great friends without love getting in the way but there are those couples who do fall for their best friends. It often helps us become the people we’ve always wanted to be and move away from the people we were. Love transforms us in the best of ways, allowing us only to look back on a memory of our former self.81.
AnonymousWe all have great things on our bucket lists like skydiving, seeing the Northern Lights etc, but what about simply falling in love?
Love is about sticking with someone through the good and the bad, holding them up, supporting them, loving them, every step of the way.85.
AnonymousLove is about accepting each other wholly and loving each other for everything we are, past, present, and future. Pride and Prejudice – Jane AustenSometimes we just need to sit back and hear those words. In the midst of a magical coming of age story we find a beautiful love story between two of the most unexpected people.
Karen Sunde I wanted to end with a simple quote yet with a quote with masses of meaning.

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