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This car video interface is designed to connect rear view camera to the low resolution OEM monitor of Audi with MMI 3G sytem.
Product specifications, appearance and package content may differ from those presented on the website and can be changed without notice.
I used the camera connection cable with the medianav eco system of my Dacia Logan MCV II 2015.
Car Rear View Mirror with Dashcam and Wireless Parking Camera - 5 Inch Screen GPS Speed Radar Detector BluetoothCar Rearview Mirror with 5 Inch Screen, Bluetooth, GPS, wireless rearview camera and front facing dash cam. This Bluetooth rearview mirror monitor will give your car the technology boost it deserves. This model is compatible with most brands of GPS software - however hardware specific software such as Garmin may not run on this unit.
I'm a bit worried about this but I'm hoping its nothing, but the same thing happened to me twice in one night. BanburyDan wrote:I'm a bit worried about this but I'm hoping its nothing, but the same thing happened to me twice in one night. Are you sure they were speed cameras there are loads of diff cams around london, night time lorry bans, low emmisission zone, congestion charging zone.

Highly reliable special DSP solution, super powerful RTOS, realize industrial grade MTBF 2. Also has an input for front view camera, DVD or Android TV boxes, and an RGB-input for navigation.
Use this multifunctional rearview mirror to replace your old one and experience the latest car technology! Not only will it fulfill its usual task or being a rearview mirror, it will also record the road in front of you so you can use the footage later on to protect yourself after an accident.
I have been doing drops in London each evening this week, and the route involves coming in down the A40 off the M40, then out up the A12 towards the M11, M25 to go home. Apart from being flashed, your speed can be calibrated against the white lines painted on the road just after the speed camera, by checking how many lines you have passed in between the two photographs. On top of that, the wireless parking camera will transmit its video feed to the built-in 5 Inch screen to assist you while parking. Anyway, both the A40 and the A12 have speed cameras at 50mph, on all three lanes obviously. BanburyDan wrote: If I was blamed would the tacho absolve me?Apparently not from what ive heard on here last few months.

Another great feature of this high tech rearview mirror is its ability to detect speed radars and to warn you on time. Now the cameras appeared to be over my left shoulder so to speak, are they clever enough to know it was the passing car speeding and not me in my lorry?
Just image how much money this mirror could save you in a year if you don’t receive those annoying speed tickets anymore! And to make your ride as safe as possible, you’ll be able to pair your phone with the mirror and make hands free calls while driving. Not to forget that you'll also be able to install your own GPS software and use it as a GPS navigation system!

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