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ALL PAGES ARE COPYRIGHT 2015 DOUG P'GOSH ALL ARTWORK & ILLUSTRATIONS MAY NOT BE REPRODUCED WITHOUT THE EXPRESSED WRITTEN CONSENT OF DOUG P'GOSH. In the past, people believed that anchor tattoo designs are only related to persons working in sea businesses such as seamen, sailors in addition to navy personnel.
However, today this scene has changed with anchor tattoo designs gaining lots of popularity with time and it is not only associated with sea business people, but also people on the rock.

The reason why anchor tattoos were vehemently used in the sea was for the reasons of camouflage as well as shelter.
A case in point, those in the lake would always wish to put down roots in the sea and at the same time hold a ship in its place. Others would also use tattoos to demonstrate their faith while in the sea so as not to be targeted.

Nevertheless, other would use animal tattoos just to depict the power and beauty in such animals.

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