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Economy a?… Comics Economy Satire Funny Comic Strip Cartoons: Several Cartoon Comic Strips about the economic crisis and dismal state of the US Wall Street Stock Market and World Economy. While food is good, it’s a well known fact that going into business in the food industry is often the hardest.
Two entrepreneurial brothers decided to take the idea of the ice cream truck and flip it right on it’s head, and I absolutely love it!
If there was ever a way to make pies look regal and immaculate, Emporium Pies has figured out a way to do it. Many times when you think of a seafood restaurant, you think of a pretty stuffy, fancy, regal atmosphere that’s quiet and dimly lit. If you have gone to your local mall, chances are you’ve probably come across a Panda Express. The Soup Peddler is another where food is brought to your neighborhood, you order it, and pick it up. Join our 746,498 subscribers and get access to the latest tools, freebies, product announcements and much more!
If you are a student of near-miss and casualty reports then you know, without a doubt, that flawed communications is a major contributing factor when things go wrong and flawed communications is often a factor when the quality of situational awareness erodes.
In fact, flawed communications was the second most frequently cited barrier to flawed situational awareness in my research, second only to staffing issues. For the purposes of my research, a barrier to situational awareness was anything that prevented the development of situational awareness, caused the erosion of situational awareness, or prevented the recovery of situational awareness once it was degraded. Bias is defined as displaying a prejudice for or against someone or something. Biases, as a category unto itself, are a significant barrier to situational awareness and extend far beyond communications challenges.
Perception is defined as the ability to see, hear or become aware of something through the senses.
Humans can give deference in favor of messages communicated by individuals the receiver has a good relationship with. The greater the distance between the sender and receiver the greater the potential for miscommunications. When the message is an expected message, the receiver can tune out the message and the messenger. When the message is so unexpected that it stuns the receiver, additional messages may not be heard or processed. When a receiver hears two messages that are in conflict with each other a decision must be made. Like it or not, we can find ourselves believing, or not believing, a message based solely on how well we know the sender of the message and how much we value their knowledge. This is probably one of the most commonly discussed communications barriers because its the among the easiest to understand. When you hear a message it is darn near impossible not to feel some emotion about the message (or the messenger).
The mere volume of information being shared can cause the receiver to suffer from information overload. The act of listening requires conscious awareness and a need to pay attention to the message.
If you want to send me incident pictures, videos or have an idea you’d like me to research and write about, contact me. I found these two articles a further cementing of my own belief in the value of understanding situational awareness as it applies to the fire service. Your one-time or recurring donation will help support the mission of Situational Awareness Matters.

Those who start up a restaurant must have tons of front money and funds for daily expenses. Waffles are fairly popular food items, but this time around we’re introduced to the waffle holding a different role other than just breakfast entree.
The vintage feel and really balanced flow almost take you out the mindset that this is a bakery. You can basically schedule their ice cream van to make a visit or you can make sure you’re around when they pass through a certain location.
There’s lots of colors and graphics paired with some great images that definitely get you interested in what they have to offer. Here, they bake up some speciality pies that look absolutely delicious and fit for a king, with a price tag to match! Now, I put Greek food right next to Italian food in terms of the ingredients needing to be absolutely be fresh. I like this site because of it’s bold imagery and movement that captures your attention. This web design is definitely another one of those extremely creative and adventurous looks into what a restaurant website should be. Whether you’ve liked it or not, what I like about Panda Express is the consistency of their image. Not only that, but it makes a ton of sense and isn’t bogged down with a bunch of nonsense.
It’s not often that you see people making a living off a good soup, but this model is helping the Soup Peddler do exactly that.
In the context of communications, a receiver of a message can show bias for, or against, the messenger and this give greater or lesser deference to the message. Attribution can impact communications when the message of the sender is not the meaning attributed by the receiver. Equally, messages communicated by individuals the receiver does not have a good relationship can be dismissed or discounted.
The more layers of organizational hierarchy a message must travel, the greater the potential for flaws in communications. This is especially true when the communications is over the phone or radio because the voice inflection can be misinterpreted and the sender and receiver do not have the benefit of interpreting the non-verbal communications. These differences can cause miscommunications because terms and phrases that are commonly understood in one culture may be completely foreign in another. Parents witness this all the time when having a conversation with their children about doing homework, or cleaning up their bedrooms, or… (tuning out now). When we are not in physical proximity to see the sender (or the receiver) we are missing an important component of the communications. The emotions, in turn, trigger recalls of past experiences that bleed into current knowledge. Our technology isn’t perfect and the flaws impact the effectiveness of communications.
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Gasaway is widely considered to be one of the nation's leading authorities on human factors, situational awareness and the decision making processes used in high stress, high consequence work environments. Nevertheless, Brown’s is well known in the Charleston area and seems to have an extremely rich history. The menu items look fabulous and you just have to assume they absolutely know what they’re doing.

When information is shared in the form of communications between two or more people, the perception of the meaning may not be accurate. Is perception reality? And in the context of this discussion, culture does not refer to ethnicity (although that can be a challenge as well).I am referring to the varying cultures within an existing fire department and from department to department within the same geographical region. When a responder feels they understand enough about what is going on at the emergency scene, they may tune out the incoming communications.
If the message is so unexpected that it stuns the receiver, the brain can get bogged down trying to make sense of what was just heard. In addition to the spoken word, receivers evaluate the inflection in the voice of the sender which can also significantly alter the intended message. The more we know about the sender of the message and the better we understand the situation of the sender, the more accurate our inferences may be.To ensure the accuracy of an inference would require a series of questions and responses between the sender and receiver to ensure the message is completely and accurately understood.
Unfortunately, the brain is not very good about sorting information on the fly and distinguishing the most important information from the less important information.Rather, the brain is more likely to remember the first pieces of information, the last pieces of information and the information that triggers emotional responses.
His work has been chronicled in more than 450 books, book chapters, journals and website articles and he has delivered more than 4,000 presentations to over 43,000 first responders, business leaders and industrial professionals worldwide.
Restaurant owners have to almost be geniuses in their own right to create a spot that serves food liked by the masses, but also creates a strategy of longevity.
Well, there’s really no set idea — we have schemes for business sites and app sites, etc — but those designs for food and restaurants have a bit more leeway.
They are well-known for their high quality and freshness, something that can be seen and understood through their online strategy.
My research uncovered 116 barriers and I’m confident there are even more yet be uncovered and researched. The more people the message has to flow through, the greater the likelihood the message is going to get distorted.
Rarely are neither time nor patience in enough supply during an emergency to accommodate this.
You could try to parallel many different industries, but you can always argue how one is more intense than the other.
One of the categories of barriers to situational awareness is flawed communications. Here are 19 ways communications can get flawed. In other words, we listen to one thing, then the other, then back to the first (assuming there are only two communications inputs to listen to).This requires a lot of heavy lifting by the brain, especially in a dynamically changing environment where there are also complex things to SEE. Gasaway served over 30 years in fire, EMS, rescue and emergency management and held positions of firefighter, EMT-paramedic, lieutenant, captain, assistant chief and fire chief in 6 emergency service organizations in West Virginia, Ohio and Minnesota. Regardless, it goes without saying that creativity and skill are almost equally important for both. Stress can causes our senses to go on high alert for danger, increasing your audible acuity. This means you may be able to hear things that you would not normally hear if you were not under stress.
This increase in audible acuity may be enough to help you hear the scream of a child trapped in a burning home.
You may simply not hear things, even when those messages are coming through a radio that is just a few inches from your ear.

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