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This couple got similar bands for themselves with the wife having a thinner one and the husband a robust one to mark the difference. The wedding band tattoo is a cool replacement for the ring and you can get a similar design as your ring just like this girl. This wedding band with its golden shade in the middle resembles a gold ring and looks very charming. The man is proud to have found a lovely life partner and this wedding band is a token of the same feeling. Getting the initials of your better half makes for a cool wedding band that is quite meaningful.
Making waves on the ring finger, the wedding band with its curlicues and dots looks very graceful. A strong-looking wedding band created with knots that stands for the enduring nature of the wearer’s marriage.
This wife wears her wedding ring along with the name of her husband as a tattoo that looks adorable. The husband and wife have got identical bands in the form of Celtic ring tattoos on their ring fingers that has a mystic touch. The budding flower inside the outline represents the blooming future prospect a marriage presents to the couple.
This is a temporary wedding band created with the paste of henna leaves that is fragrant and also considered to be auspicious.
Another knotted design created with black and silver ink that marks the turns and twists a married couple undergoes together.
The popular design of initials and a simple border finds a place on the ring fingers of this couple. This couple thought of some innovative idea and came up with bands on wrists instead of fingers that looks pretty cool. This woman got her own name and the name of her husband tattooed on her index and ring finger respectively as wedding band tattoos.
A sober and sweet wedding band tattoo that bears the name of the better half with thin lines around it. The psalm that is related with heart to heart connection and deep devotion looks very emphatic and has a holy touch. The flames meeting to form an infinity symbol on the wedding bands looks very cool and represents eternal love.
This man got a pretty wedding band tattoo that has black and white curves asserting his married status.
The man shows off his wrinkled hand that bears the lovely Celtic wedding band; a symbol of the beautiful journey with his wife. The woman’s soft hand bearing the engagement ring and the wedding band that has a heart shape containing the initials of the couple makes for a charming portrait.
Co-existence and co-equality mark the theme of this pair of wedding bands carved with bold blue ink.
I give you my heart forever and seal it with this marriage union; this is the message coming out from the traditional Irish symbol, carved as tattoo.
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Claddagh rings were originally worn in the village of The Claddagh in Galway, Ireland and their traditional purpose at that time was to show marital status.
If one was courting, the claddagh ring would be worn on the right hand with the heart facing outwards to show your heart had not yet been taken. Once a betrothal had been decided the claddagh ring would be worn on the right hand but turned in so the heart faced inwards and this was to show that your heart had now been taken. Upon marriage, the claddagh ring was then transferred to the left hand with the heart still turned inwards as a sign of the commitment and love between the two people and this was their wedding band.
Over time the poupularity of the claddagh design grew and now, people all over the world give and receive the claddagh ring.
Take a look at the pictures of this pretty star on the Internet, and you can see many photos where she is waving a hand with a permanent ink design. If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Horrible Tattoos, Om Tattoos, Tattooed Girls and Polynesian Tattoos.
As Lea Michele lifts her hand at an awards ceremony you can see the blue shaded horizontal tattoo on her wrist. Inked with a dark outline this tiny butterfly ink design in pale cyan shades looks just ready flutter off from Lea’s foot. In this photo showing Lea Michele’s smiling face you can get a peek at her tiny shoulder tattoo showing a musical note. From the world of music to the world of fantasy and imagination Lea Michele chooses all her favorite themes in her tattoo designs.
That tiny stroke of ink you see on actor and singer Lea Michele’s shoulder expresses her belief in the power of music.
With a tattoo on her inner wrist and another pretty one on her shoulder Lea Michele sure is a much tattooed celebrity. Tattoo loving Lea Michele has her pretty feet decorated with two tiny tattoos about imagination and flying in the blue shades of dreams.
The navy blue dress that Lea Michele wears goes beautifully with her inner wrist blue tattoo design. Check out the two tattoos inked on the ankle area and near the toe as Lea Michele shows off her pretty high-heeled feet.
In a break from the typical blue tattoos in pretty designs that she sports, Lea Michele shows off her tiny golden star tattoo a little above her left wrist. You can see a finely formed tattoo showing a cross sign and some lettering on Lea’s chest area as she sports a revealing dress. Get a look at the lovely Lea Michele as she appears at a public show in a pretty rose shaded off-shoulder gown with a tattoo on her right wrist.
All of Lea Michele’s tattoos including the musical note, inner wrist word, and the butterfly, have very personal meanings. Lea Michele shows off her beautiful spirit with two cool tattoos, one a butterfly on a foot, and a musical note on a shoulder. From her wrist, to her secret parts, to her feet, there’s hardly a place on her body that Lea does not sport permanent ink designs. In this picture you can see a good view of the inner wrist word tattoo sported by Lea Michele.
AboutA popular Graphic and Web Design site where you can expect to see a unique take on topics, we try not to tread on familiar topics seen on other design sites. Varieties of wedding bands like the plain, hand crafted, contemporary Celtic and lot more other designs are available and all these are made in ink as the wedding band tattoos.

If you like this article, you might be interested in some of our other articles on Knuckle Tattoos, Hand Tattoos, Finger Tattoos and Treble Clef Tattoos. This image displays a wedding band tattoo on the ring finger and a crescent with a star on the index finger designed in black ink. The Wedding band tattoo in the image display the alphabets M &A in the most simple but stylish way. The given image displays a wedding band tattoo, which seems to be simply simple and perfect in the black ink. The image given displays a wedding band tattoo of a letter in ink with the most stylish font design. The wedding Band tattoo displays two letters ‘JP’, which seem to be as pretty as the finger tattoo. The image given displays a pair of wedding band tattoos appearing completely classy and cute.
The sacred union with the soul mate who will share our joys and sorrows is cherished by all. It is given as a gift to friends as a sign of friendship and to loved ones they hold dear as a sign of love and commitment thus carrying on the age old message of Love (the heart), Loyalty (the crown) and Friendship (the hands). If she wears an off-shoulder dress you can see the tiny and simple tattoo design on her shoulder.
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Its appearance is so admirable such that it dominates even the penny present along with it. The picture seems to be more cheerful and lovely with the love as well as the wedding band tattoos. The very sleek black band followed by the greenish-yellow band looks so cool on the finger.
Lea says she has 14 tattoos in different parts of her body to celebrate all the values and memories that are important to her. It is a very important custom in the west and is a matter of tradition in many parts of the world.
Apart from this, the claddagh (Irish symbol of love, friendship and marriage), infinity symbol, flames and curvy design too share a fair relation with the couples going for wedding band tattoos. The most distinctive part about a Lea Michele Tattoo design is that it is teeny and you barely get to see the details from a distance. When she wears open-toed sandals you can see tattoos inked on both her feet celebrating her love for beauty and imagination. Though couples like to wear their wedding rings, these days, wedding band tattoos have come up in a big way and replaced the rings. If you are on the lookout for some pretty designs then have a look at our post that displays 25 wedding band tattoos. But each tattoo is significant for the actor cum singer, and she loves sporting the tattoo designs that are inked on visible parts of her body. In closeup shots of Lea you can barely get a look at a nearly invisible orange star above her left wrist.

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