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Once a month, I take some time to research for the prettiest bouquets out there and bringing you twenty-five show-stopper ones. If you enjoy this post, please help spread the word by tweeting it, sharing it on facebook or pinterest. If you enjoy this post, please help sharing the word by tweeting it or sharing it on facebook.
Hi, do you know the brand or make of the wedding dress in picture 15 of part 7 of 25 stunning bouquets.
Both the shoes and bouquets here are a reminder that you don’t have to white shoes or roses. We have established that bouquets, centerpieces and decor doesn’t just have to be flowers anymore, they can be made from anything, but I particularly love the trend of using herbs.

They are pretty and you can make such awesome crafts from this wonderful thing found easily in nature.
It can be used anywhere, for anything and makes for such a fantastic, natural background for whatever you are doing. It is Part 7 of my monthly series 25 Stunning Wedding Bouquets featuring the most beautiful mix of modern and vintage creations I ever did see.
When it comes to a wedding gown, well they have to be not only perfect but absolutely divine and it doesn’t hurt if they can compliment your flowers as well. And you don’t have to be hosting a hippy or green, earthy wedding to use herbs, they look lovely regardless of the tone of your day. If you are planning a rustic, chic event, incorporating some burlap can give any venue a rustic feel.

You can use it anywhere, bouquets, centerpieces, on cakes, a large amount or small, it always looks lovely! Find here the perfect floral complement for your wedding gown, or visit the rest of the series (look for the links at the bottom of the gallery)… you’re guaranteed to find the bouquet of your dreams!
To capture what it would be like to be a bride with amazing shoes and gorgeous flowers to compliment them perfectly we teamed up with Sassanova, Petals Edge Floral Design, and Danielle Cover Photography in Old Town, Alexandira to create the ultimate Tuesday Shoesday.

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