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Much more casual than the round bouquet, the freestyle may have a more free flowing look, rather than a crisp round or cascading bouquet. A Beidermeier is a classic European style bouquet that is usually round, and graduating similar flowers around in a circular pattern.
Popular for both Christmas and winter weddings, flowers can be glues or pinned onto a hand muff for an unusual looking bridal display.
For the brides are preferring to keep their hands free or unwilling to cover up any of their beautiful gowns, a cluster of flowers on a purse may be the answer. Gluing additional layers of petals to create one giant bloom is known as composite bouquets. You can create a heart shaped bouquet on a bouquet holder, but it is easier on a pre-shaped Oasis block. There are so many more bouquet designs for weddings that you can explore my other pages for. This has to be the most important bouquet at the wedding; a delicate (but not necessarily small!) show-stopper of an arrangement that the bride chooses to hold as she walks down the aisle. Well, back in 2500 BC where the oldest evidence of flower arranging is found, the ancient Egyptians used vases to arrange the sacred lotus flower with herbs, palms and irises.
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From strictly tulip bouquets to beautiful mixed bundles, incorporate one of the hallmarks of the warm-weather season into your bridal blooms.
From classic all-white arrangements to bright and modern mixes, we found 44 pretty peony bouquets for all types of brides.
Whether you're hosting a ballroom bash, an outdoor rustic celebration, or a city-chic affair, peonies complement every type of wedding.
Also, remember that pretty peony bouquets can be created to accommodate any budget: You can splurge on an arrangement that's strictly peonies. To help inspire your own big-day arrangement, we found 44 of the most beautiful peony wedding bouquets for brides of every style. Photo: San Diego-based florist Plenty of Petals put together this bright and cheerful mix of peonies, dahlias, and garden roses, accented with lots of greenery, proving that even just a few peonies can go a long way. Let’s not talk about flowers for the dining tables and pew ends, let’s talk about a much more intimate bouquet… the bridal bouquet. From here we jump to the 1600s, where brides used to hold bouquets of strong scented flowers, herbs and even garlic to hide their body odour (remember the average person back then only had a yearly bath!).
With peak peony season beginning in early spring and extending through late June, there's no shortage of gorgeous wedding flowers for your bridal bouquet.

For a more classic style, pair the lush flowers with similarly-hued blooms (think: ranunculus or garden roses).
And at the same time, you can save big by using the popular blossom as an accent flower within an arrangement filled with more affordable blooms. Despite the relatively small window of budget-friendly growing time, brides clamor for this quintessential wedding flower all year-round. Modern brides should add touches of greenery like air plants and succulents for a fresh and unexpected vibe.
Consider carrying a posy down the aisle rather than a traditional bouquet — since peonies are so voluminous, fewer stems still make a serious impact.
With the fluffy blooms available in white, cream, yellow, and varying shades of pink and red, peonies are the perfect addition to all bridal bouquets.

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