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Wedding Flowers are Cut the Same Day they Are Shipped.  One of the advantages of buying directly from a professional online wedding florist is that the wedding flowers are not cut until they are ready shipped. Same holds true for smaller items, such as corsages and boutonnieres, which are shipped with an individual water tube that keeps the hydrated as well.
Temperature is Key!  From the moment the flowers are cut to the moment you receive them, your wedding flowers need to go through what is called a cold chain process. A Guarantee is Imperative.  Let’s say you get your wedding flowers and they are in optimal condition, but the next day they start to wilt. As you can see, a great deal of thought and effort goes into the process creating, packaging and delivering wedding flowers.  A timely process of cutting, arranging, moisturizing and protecting your wedding flowers translates into beautiful wedding flowers that will survive and be at optimal condition before during and after your wedding day.

Here at Bridesign, we have a daily schedule of wedding flower packages that will be shipped later that day, so early in the morning we cut, arrange, package and ship the wedding flowers, all in the same day.
Flowers have very specific hydration requirements.  Each bouquet that is shipped needs to have a hydration pouch that keeps it hydrated right after it has been cut and arranged.
In simple terms, it is a process by which flowers are kept at specific temperatures while they are being arranged into wedding bouquets, processed, sorted for shipping and while they are being shipped. Then, what do you do?  It is important that the wedding florists not only deliver the flowers intact, but that the flowers last for at least a week. Your wedding flowers will survive the shipping only if they are sent in cold chain containers, which protect and ensure the integrity of the wedding flowers you receive.

These hydration, immobilization and package techniques ensure a smooth and optimal transport of wedding flowers from the farm to the bride’s door or wedding venue.

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