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What Are White Ink Tattoos?White ink tattoos are permanent skin designs, similar to black or colored tattoos, that are made only using white tattoo ink.
Laura is a 20-something year old media student with a great passion for fashion, pop culture, beauty and travel. One of the most popular tattoo designs today is the white ink tattoos, which, as its name implies, is a tattoo colored exclusively with white pigment.
Before getting into the specifics, it best to understand what this style of tattoo looks like compared to traditional designs.
Now that you know what to expect from this type of tattoo, there are several factors that are important to know to see if they are right for you.
When you hear people talking about getting a white ink tattoos, they usually mean a design which is in all white ink with no other colours. These tattoos are different from the standard ones in the sense that they're more subtle, and may even glow when exposed to UV light!This type of tattoos have become increasingly popular during the past few years, mainly because the white ink is able to emphasize beautifully crafted designs in a way that black or colored ink is not able to.White ink tattoos are usually more visible and better looking on tan or dark skin. While this definition is simple and straight forward, this style of tattoo is anything but average and has a lot of conditions that make them a great choice for some, but not so good for others. White ink is thicker than other pigments, and void of color, so the image will be raised on the skin and appear more as a scar, or brand, rather than your average tattoo. These tats are typically more subtle than the blaringly loud designs you would get with black ink or coloured marks. Keep in mind that your tattoo artist will be working with ink which is a little bit trickier to see. What's more, it is highly important that the design is performed by a skilled tattoo artist, otherwise the result may be far from ideal.Why a White Ink Tattoo?A white ink tattoo may be a good choice if you're looking for a beauty statement, but your career does not allow you to sport regular tattoos. Much of the art and styles associated with tattooing have been the same for hundreds of years. If you have darker skin, the tattoo will appear transparent rather than a solid color, and if you have a lot of freckles, the image will appear uneven or speckled. A tattoo performed using white ink is delicate and almost invisible, especially if it's small.Problems with White Ink TattoosThere are several issues you need to take into account before deciding to get a white ink tattoo.
White ink shouldn't be combined with a colored design because the other colors will bleed into the white ink, distorting the image. Trendy selections include shooting star tattoos, dragons, writing, key tattoos, Kanji symbols, hearts, and basic tribal patterns.

First of all, white ink is usually fickle, meaning that it may or may not stay for a long time on your skin.
In modern history, the first time it happened the world was graced with the (British) Naval tattoo style which would later evolve into the American Traditional style. These are so much easier to ink and way less likely to end up as a confusing and disappointing blur. To be more precise, your stunning white ink tattoo may discolor after a while and look more like a scar.Secondly, your body may not respond very well to white tattoo ink. Then, over the course of 50-60 years, New School, Bio-mechanical, and Geometric tattoo styles evolved and became widely accepted and established tattoo styles. All white tattoos will require to be inked over a few times to make sure the finished pattern is as noticeable as possible.
Therefore, instead of getting what you pay for, your healed white ink tattoo might look like a protuberant, swollen, oozing scar.Last but not least, keep in mind that a healed white ink tattoo may be quite different from what you imagined. In the last few years several new styles have emerged–but are they destined to be added to the canon of accepted tattoo styles, or will they be discarded as tattoo fads? If a properly healed tattoo will be smooth and white, there are cases when the tattoo gets a yellowish tinge, or no color at all! These are the main reasons why many tattoo artists don't dare or are unwilling to tackle the white ink tattoo issue.Remember also that white ink tattoos should not be exposed to the sun - at least not as you would do with the rest of your body! Sun rays, and other harsh weather elements may ruin the white tattoo ink, washing it off.White Ink Tattoos CostWhite ink tattoos cost may vary, but you should keep in mind that this kind of designs are usually more expensive, as they require more work than a regular tattoo. They certainly are interesting and there are plenty of skilled tattoo artists out there creating unique and beautiful works of art utilizing white ink.
That same effect can also cause yellowing A over time (which canA reallyA make it look like a scar or infection. Because it takes multiple passes to tattoo a white ink tattoo so that it will be visible at all, expect more time and effort to go into creating a white ink tattoo than you would expect for the same tattoo done in black.They fade quickly.
Similar to the problem posed in the last bullet point, white ink tattoos fade quickly because all ink fades and if the white ink fades at all, then it is immediately less visible than a faded black tattoo. Either expect to get it retouched very often, or be prepared for it to not be as permanent as a traditional tattoo.They can be hard to see or invisible depending on your complexion. The other downside is that unless you have darker skin, the redness that often accompanies healing tattoos will be incredibly noticeable against the white ink.

This tattoo style isn’t too different from lip or finger tattoos which also have a tendency to fade away after a time. Check out Buzzfeed’s white ink post which offers some visual pros and cons to white ink tattoos.Should I Get a UV Tattoo?What is a UV tattoo? The ink contains chemicals that react to ultra-violet light (UV light, commonly seen as blacklights) making them visible. These tattoos often appeal to those who want a tattoo that is less visible or invisible and so getting a tattoo that is only visible under UV light seems like a great prospect.
The UV tattoo style is also popular in dance club and rave cultures which often offer the opportunity to be seen under UV or blacklight.
The glowing effect is an especially unique and arguably cool effect, but of course UV tattoos have their down side as well.What to consider before getting a UV tattooAgain, our aim is not to discourage readers from going out and getting UV tattoos.
We just want to make sure you know what to expect and when getting a UV tattoo, there are some noticeable differences between them and traditionally inked tattoos. It’s worth having your potential artist for this kind of tattoo tell you as much as he or she knows about them partly to assess their knowledge on the subject, but also to make sure you know everything you need to know about this unusual tattoo style.
The ink may have been approved by the FDA for other uses such as labeling food, but it definitely has not been approved to be placed under your skin.
Have your artist start with a small spot that isn’t highly visible and then wait a week to see if anything happens. Similar to the problem with white ink tattoos, blacklight and UV ink tattoos will be visible, but won’t look like a tattoo.
With a regular tattoo there is some slight scarring, but it isn’t very visible because the ink is opaque and camouflages the scars. What we can tell you is that with the current technology and materials, these tattoo styles will leave you with an inferior product.

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