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Palmetto Soft Leaf Buffalo is an allergy friendly, evergreen Soft Leaf buffalo with low maintenance and drought tolerance. ST-26 Austine Soft Leaf Buffalo is an evergreen buffalo which has a bright green colour and is a very soft medium textured, semi-dwarf variety of Buffalo, with a faster general growth rate where fast recovery from wear is required.
ST-85 Ausfine Soft Leaf Buffalo has an attractive emerald green colour which is a very soft textured, dwarf fine leaf and is a very tightly matted lawn which has a manicured appearance. Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo is a broad leaf Buffalo type, the first original Soft leaf buffalo, which is soft to the touch and also non-allergenic. Durban, also called Sweet Smother Grass, is a non allergenic lawn and is very soft to the touch with wide flat leaves. Native Nara Zoysia Macrantha a€?MAC03a€™ PBR is the first and only all purpose Australian native lawn grass. Winter Green Couch is a soft, fine leafed, hardy couch lawn which has a lush deep green colour, stays greener in winter than most couches in frost free areas. Kikuyu is a most popular variety of lawn for both domestic and commercial uses due to its affordable price.
Exclusive to ABC Turf Supplies, this new grass is born & bred in the Hawkesbury NSW and grows in full sun and semi-shade. Shademaster will grow in full sun areas and up to 80% shade and can handle moist situations as well.

Native Nara, a€?Australiaa€™s most beautiful lawna€™ is a fine textured lawn, which scalps less when mown. It is widely used on home lawns, bowling greens, golf tees and any other areas where a fine-leaved turf is desired. As well as being able to handle heavy wear and prolonged drought, Kenda is fast to establish.
Palmetto is an extremely versatile turf and is capable of handling all types of conditions. Shademaster Soft Leaf Buffalo establishes well after being laid; unlike traditional Buffalo. Durban has a rich emerald green like appearance but the colour darkens when grown in the shade or when heavily fertilised. Greenlees Park Couch can be mown to a low depth if required and forms a tight and firm surface. ST-85 Ausfine Soft Leaf Buffalo is one of the slowest growing varieties which means low maintenance. It repairs well from wear and is also weed resistant because of its multiple branching which produces a very tight mat.
Shademaster's thick, hard wearing, yet lush mat makes for a low maintenance lawn that even the most inexperienced gardener will appreciate.

Native Nara is well adapted for all parts of Australia, especially the coastal region.Native Nara is a low maintenance turf variety and won't grow as fast as some other varieties.
Santa Anna Couch has a medium wear tolerance, making it ideal for Golf tees, Parks, landscape gardens and makes a beautiful home lawn. It grows well in full sun and can handle up to 80% shade, one of the more shade tolerant varieties in the buffalo range. Shademaster will purple through the winter period on the tips of the leaves in frost prone areas. It is known for its drought tolerance, due to growing strong in the hot humid Australian weather. Being more cost efficient makes Shademaster one of the most widely used Buffalo varieties on the market today.
If youa€™re looking for a grass for a shade problem area where other varieties have failed, Durban is the way to go.

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