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25 Great Words Of Wisdom : Words of wisdom have always been source of inspiration and guidance for every one of us.
Doubts about your own ideas and excitements are just tests to yourself to give you the opportunity to confirm to the universe that your decisions are from your true passion and desires.
If I had one wish, I would wealth, love, or health for I already have it in my life in some form. I don’t understand how a woman can leave the house without fixing herself up a little, if only out of politeness. When I despair I remember that all through history the ways of truth and love have always won. In a nutshell, Dumbing Down Our Kids investigates educational fads and failed reforms over the last 80 years, in particular one known as "Outcome Based Education", a system where students repeat material and tests until they get the right 'outcome', a system that I think has irreparably damaged a whole generation of students.
Now, I'm all for praising kids when they do well and encouraging them to do their best but I also have no problem telling my kids that they will fail if they don't study, that life isn't all fun and games and that everyone can't be the winner. I'm sorry I'm not being my usual up-beat self today but as an educator myself I am becoming increasingly troubled by the politicising of educational reforms.
Thanks for stopping by and for letting me get on my soapbox; I promise that I'll be back to regular programming with a delicious cookie recipe next time you visit! I would wish for the conscious awakenings of my true infinite powers to manifest my dreams. There have been Tyranrts, And murderers and for a time they canseem invincible, but in the end always they fall.

Despite the book being a critique of American schools and the American education system I believe it address issues that affect students here in Australia and all around the world.
Sykes believes not enough time is spent on actual learning and studying, the curriculum is watered down and that instead of teaching kids to read, write and communicate effectively, schools are inflating the self esteem of students by not requiring any real work or mastery and by praising mediocrity. I think it's important for kids to know how to spell, to learn about other cultures, to study and sit exams and, if necessary, to fail. This pared-down version of an op-ed piece appeared in the San Diego Union-Tribune on September 19, 1996 and was specifically written for high school and college graduates.
What really bothers me about education these days is that the education one receives depends largely on politics. More the time you spend with old people more you get to learn about life, relations, tactics and secrets of happiness and success. At least they will learn that failure is a part of life and that in the long run trying harder and finding a new course of action can be an enlightening and fulfilling experience. Politicians use education platforms to get elected but they seem to have very little knowledge of how the educational system really works.
These words are never uttered by his Grandma in real; although he wished that could have been conceivable. What he meant to make out of this post was that Grandmothers should instead of giving sermons; ought to be giving useful advises and words of wisdom.
They then make said reforms but, as soon as a new government is elected, 'new and improved' reforms are ushered in and we have to start all over again!

He wondered if he turns old too what he would be preaching his grandchildren.It is a world of technology, gadgets, social media and cyber generation.
Besides pragmatic knowledge; grandparents should also be imparting useful tips of cyber world with the transmuting times. It is a divinely blessed quality but this can be acquired with experience and critical thinking. One should be more careful in his actions and words and look things more deeply and analyze. It is a fact that wisdom often comes with age and experience but it is misunderstood that an older person must always be wise.
Useful words of wisdom should be shared with others so that they may also learn from the experiences of others and get benefitted. It helps to ground the arrangement and make it feel more balanced when you have lots of smaller pieces. Just blogged about what I was up to all #winter, and why I like pretty home pictures so much.

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