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I don’t know her original name, but she claims to love zebras so much that she changed her name to Rusty StoneZebra and got a very nice zebra tattoo as well! I love zebras so much I had my name legally changed to Rusty StoneZebra, I have a zebra tattoed on my upper arm (It’s a very artitistic rendering of one of your photos as a matter of fact!), and I am rapidly amassing a collection of all-things zebra, thanks to family and friends.
Wild zebras running free have captured the hearts and imagination of countless cultures worldwide. It's no surprise that most of the attempts to domesticate a purebred zebra have been unsuccessful. In African folklore tradition, the Bushmen of Namibia give an account for how the Zebra got its stripes.
Anyone who's had the opportunity of seeing these noble creatures up close, or the misfortune of being kicked by one, can attest to their physical strength and power.

Zebra Tattoo designs feature any number of elements, each of which changes the overall meaning of the piece. Like the Panda Bear, the Zebra's colouration is often seen as a symbol for Balance and Harmony (Yin and Yang). Sets are groups of tattoos you have saved in your favorites, you can create as many sets as you want to organize your tattoos.
These beautiful animals are wild and free-spirited, as such, you may have better luck admiring their beauty instead of trying to control them. According to the tale, the Zebra was originally white but after a heated skirmish with a wild baboon, it fell into a nearby fire and was burnt by the glowing fire sticks. In the highly popular Madagascar franchise, Marty the Zebra is the group instigator who always manages to start the chaos, but is always there when his friends need him most.

As such, a Zebra Heart Tattoo is an interesting way to express your desire for Balance and Harmony in your love life (since the heart is the de facto symbol of Love).
Like fingerprints, no two stripes are exactly alike, which lends voice to the notion that a zebra represents a person's individuality and creative spirit. Given that zebras are free and untameable in general, it's no coincidence that Marty's desire for freedom is the reason for the initial escape from Central Park Zoo.
It pays to also keep in mind the position of your new tat on your body, since a tattoo in bad location can ruin a great piece of art.

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