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Although still one of the most popular tattoo design sites out there it wasn't my top pick, simply because Tattoos City much more value. Each of these sites offers a 1 year membership for a relatively low price, so whether you are looking for only one tattoo or think you will be getting multiple tattoo's over your lifetime, a membership at a tattoo design website is a great investment in my opinion. We would like to welcome artists of all ages to add your own creativity to the pages found within The Coloring Book Project, 2nd Edition!

The second installment of this wonderful book brings together inspiration and cleverness from an outstanding cast of artists.
They have contributed their own amazing drawing, giving you the freedom to bring them to life with your own artistic vision.
With 400 pages of captivating designs to color and activities to execute, artists can delve into the pages full of inspiring artwork, and break away into an imaginative world.

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