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Scary and gothic subjects, such as zombies, ghosts and vampires, have gained widespread popularity as tattoo subjects. Most of the times, people get the tattoos solely because they like the attractive and colorful pictures.
You are not authorized to see this partPlease, insert a valid App IDotherwise your plugin won't work. Zombies have become so popular nowadays that they have been incorporated in the art, movies, games, T-shirts – everything include tattoos. With the advance of technology and increasing conformity of beings, people are losing many of their instincts and independent thoughts. In this post, I consolidated a collection of 35 horrible Zombie tattoos, which hopefully, could spark inspiration of Zombie tattoo ideas for Zombie fans. Zombified versions of popular characters from various television shows and films, like The Simpsons, are often sported as fashionable tattoos.
The wearing of zombie tattoos with elements like ghosts, corpses, scary monsters, vampires to a mouth dripping with blood are common features in the zombie designs.The involvement of zombies in the movies have led to the popularity of the zombie tatoos with many people becoming familiar with the numerous zombie tattoo designs.
The horror films, like Dawn of the Dead, Body Snatchers, The Stepford Wives, The Battery, Caustic Zombies saw a success to get the consensus of Zombie fans that the these fearing creatures in fact represent humans of modern society.
Scroll down to check out some of the most horrifying yet attractive zombie tattoos that are sure to draw the attention and admiration of everyone. Even people who are into the so called mainstream or even serious movie cannot help but be drawn into a zombie flick. So it’s easier to accept these mindless genre if knowing the allegorical meanings behind. It is a fact that there have been books and movies based on zombies even in the past but they were not as slickly produced as the current ones.The zombie tattoo design below is well designed with one colour used making them more visible. The zombie tattoo below consists of mean looking beings with very scaring faces making them create quite an attention on the wearer.The zombie tattoo design below looks complex with the enhanced eye decorations making the eyes to appear to be quite stunning and scaring.
The different tattoo designs worn on different parts of the body send mixed perception regarding the personality of the wearer.The zombie tattoo design below looks horrible with the sharp nails clowing on the back of the wearer, the eyes of the zombie looks scaring with the myriad colours splashed across the tattoo design making it look more complex. The zombie tattoo below fits well on the back where its worn given the place is large enough to contain the large tattoo design.The zombie tattoo design below can be quite scaring looking at the ripped off face with black paint on the eyes and the neck thats only showing the skeleton. The artwork is great as the zombie features are well demonstrated on the tattoo design.Zombies have been defined as the undead.
According to the tales and fiction surrounding these rather gory but somehow fascinating creatures, they live on the brains of human beings as well as the flesh. Probably starting from the voodoo tales from the Caribbean area, these creatures have been the object of fear and fascination.

It is reputed that it is very difficult to kill these creatures and the only way to get them to perish is by shooting them in the head.
Just a look at the red eyes and the protruding teeth is enough to send chills down one’s spine. The zombie tattoo though worn in the hand sends such a strong message that can scare people who come across the wearer.
The green coloured face with swolen eyes that stare blankly makes the whole zombie tattoo to look sophisticated.The zombie tattoo design below are those kind of designs that can scare life out of someone. The entire back is filled different human zombies like the standing beings that look like ghosts staring at the people fallen down who are portrayed like crying with disfigured facial expressions.
The human skulls and other features on the zombie tattoo design below are just scaring.When it comes to tattoos featuring zombies, one has to question why anybody would like to have a zombie tattooed on their body?
The tattoos can be perceived to mean death and having them worn on the feet like in the design below can be disturbing to look at. Made up with lurid colors and having disturbingly gory features, they make a really fascinating  and frightening sight. Once you have seen a zombie tattoo you cannot resist a second peek at themThe female zombie tattoo design below looks fascinating and scaring at the same time. The green colours used on the body and the face makes the whole design to look dynamic with the elements like the skull on the forehead with the black bats flying making the whole zombie tattoo design to look scaring.The horror movies have contributed a lot to the popularity of zombie tattoo designs with many people wearing them to identify with the various movie characters.
The zombie tattoo design below is a real walking dead tattoo and looking at the design alone can send chills down your spine. The tattered hand and the disjointed feet is just scaring.Zombies are normally said to be undead creatures one thing that is both scary and significant.
Imagine being able to move around, attack and be really powerful even after you have no life left in you? It is not for everybody, but there would be many among us who would love a chance to wake up from the dead and scare the living daylights out of our foes. The zombie tattoo design below showing the internal organs with things dripping out of the mouth making the tattoo to look terrifying with the eyes staring blankly. This way the world can have an idea about your intense passion for zombie and all things related to them. Though most zombie tattoos are horrific, they also describe some character of the wearer and having them on can make someone be perceived in a totally different way. The clown zombie makes an excellent and visually pleasing tattoo design theme.The zombie tattoo design below can actually rival a horrific nightmare looking at the ripped off eyes and the moving dead bodies.
Most people wear zombie tattoos just for fun or for sheer fanatism.Among the many designs you see here you can see that the zombie tattoos range from the simplest to the most complex ones.

You can show the zombie infecting many with a mere bite or the destruction of one by a hero. Even if we cannot guarantee gasps of admiration, we can definitely promise you comments and much discussion coming about from such tattoos.With a subject as far out and weird as zombies for body art designs, we can say that you can just let your imagination fly. A good starting point would be to sit down and watch a few of the most popular zombie movies.
This would surely get your imagination flowing and you will be amazed at the number of ideas that you get. The many colours used on the zombie tattoo design makes the whole tattoo to look beautiful and scary at the same time given the facial expression.The zombie tattoo design below is one of those tattoos that can be quite disturbing to look at.
The tattoo design shows a lifeless growning female zombie tattoo with a ripped off stomach showing the ribs and other body parts. The arm where the tattoo is worn is ideal as the whole design can be seen perfectly well.The zombie tattoo design below looks lifeless with the white eyes appearing dead. The many colours used on the tattoo designs makes it to look quite eye-catching with the themes and elements used on the tattoo design blending quite well.The zombie tattoo design below shows the image of the spider man appearing in such a horrific way with the ripped off mouth and nose.
The sticky drool dripping out of the tattoos mouth just looks unpleasant and the mix-up of the green, blue and other colours.The zombie tattoo design below looks horrific with the terrifying eyes and the ripped off mouth with protruding teeth and some elements dripping from the mouth. The wearer of the design expresses a very scaring character by wearing such a tattoo on the hand.The zombie tattoo below of a woman carrying a gun with the toothless mouth ripped open is such a scaring tattoo design.
Combining two features of two zombie heads and other elements makes the whole tattoo design to look more terrifying and complex.The zombie tattoo design below of a woman staring blankly at the space are some of the scaring zombie tattoo designs.
Its good to have a clear understanding of a particular kind of tattoo you want to wear before doing the actual inking. The zombie tattoo design below looks quite unnerving and can create some element of discomfort between the wearer and those close to them.Zombie tattoo designs are worn by both men and women and can be worn on any part of the body that seems appropriate for the wearer.
The lifeless body and the gauged out eyes makes the entire tattoo to look so scaring.Wearing a zombie tattoo design with the hands and mouth marred with blood and some dripping can be quite nerve wracking and unsettling especially when the tattoo design is worn in a place where it can be easily seen. The tattoo design below are the types that can send chills down your spine.The zombie tattoo design below is such a complex mix of moving dead bodies with tattoo designs marred in all kinds of activities. The zombie tattoo colour design below looks spectacular and well combine making the tattoos less scaring.The zombie tattoo design below looks quite scaring with blood flowing from the wound on the forehead and mucous dripping from the mouth. The use of a combination of colours makes the tattoo to draw more attention to the wearer.

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