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Using the right tools can help you manage your time effectively and get better results from your social media marketing. In this article you’ll find fourteen of the hottest social media tools recommended by the pros. With their tool, you can now filter your followers by words in their bio, hashtags they use, their location, the number of followers they have and more. The ability to segment your followers allows you to send specific messages to individuals who fit your specified criteria. SocialRank can narrow down your followers by filters including words in their bio, hashtags they use, their location, their number of followers and more.
For example, if I’m hosting a meetup in a certain city, SocialRank allows me to identify individuals near that city. You can set up boards on Trello for your weekly social media posts, an editorial calendar or tasks for your team. Set up boards on Trello for your weekly social media posts, editorial calendar or tasks for your team. The due dates and mentioning capabilities in the cards make it easy to work with a partner or team. Peg Fitzpatrick is a speaker, social media strategist and co-author of The Art of Social Media.
I’ve been using Calendly, a scheduling tool that syncs with Google Calendar, to help me schedule everything from quick phone calls to client meetings and interviews.
You can create different availability for each appointment or event. Say you want to allow time only on Thursday mornings for 30-minute interviews.

Calendly is a paid app but well worth the investment to make scheduling appointments and events easier! Andrea Vahl is co-author of Facebook Marketing All-in-One for Dummies and creator of the Grandma Mary Show. If you want to find the most popular content based on social shares, you should definitely try Impactana.
First, you’ll see the social sharing counts for each piece of content under the Buzz metrics. Then, you’ll find additional metrics on backlinks, views and comments under the Impact metrics. This allows you to determine whether a piece of content is popular only on social media (which could be a sign of paid social promotion), or if that content is truly viral and valuable. Use the information from Impactana to drive the content you curate on your social networks and to inspire content you create on your own blog. The takeaway is that businesses working to get more customers through higher-quality reviews also need to keep in mind the importance of price in the marketplace.
Creating content, posts and ads for social media channels, or adding hashtags to Facebook, Twitter or Instagram posts can be a time-consuming and repetitive process. Then using Instagram’s Direct Message option, I can send individual or group invites to those specific people; a great idea for anyone hosting an event. By adding images, checklists, due dates and text you can easily create and process team projects.
You can get reminders for overdue tasks, when someone mentions you in Trello or on things that you’re waiting for from other people.

You can give people the link to that calendar and they only see availability at the time you’ve designated for that activity. So if it’s a 15-minute event and you have an hour block of time, they can choose any 15-minute block within that hour (each segment starting at the top of the hour, 15 minutes past the hour, etc.).
The graph below shows data relating to online consumer behavior for local research and reveals Search Engine as the most used source of information. Well, as Google seems to be listing their own data in search at the ‘top’ much more than other sites, then a Google+ page for your business is a must, maybe even more important than your own website (the 33%). This graph shows the highest percentage of consumer interest is in prices, while interest in reviews comes in lower. You can compare consumer data by country and device, and gain insight from first awareness through purchase. The site has hundreds of characters to choose from, all of which should work just fine in your next social post.
There’s even an app for your smartphone and tablet so you can work across all of your devices without emailing things to yourself. You even have the ability to print your boards, cards and tasks if you like a manual checklist.

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