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Iranian women listen to the speech of President Ahmadinejad during celebrate 30th Anniversary of Islamic revolution. In this article I'll talk about a few new features that give you even more control over your 3D project edits.First, we've added controls that enable you to effectively deal with edge violations. An edge violation occurs when a video clip contains a prominent subject that is placed in front of screen depth in the frame and is cut off by the edge of the video frame. This creates a situation where the viewer's brain receives conflicting depth cues from the video.Because the object is placed in front of screen depth, the viewer sees the object as closer in the 3D field. However, because the object also touches the screen edge, the brain reasons that it must be at or behind screen depth, otherwise why would it get cut off by the edge of the screen? These conflicting signals make the shot difficult to view.Figure 1 shows an example of an edge violation.
Nice and accurate software helps to create a right image by giving facilities and different options during the process of Modeling.
At the same time however, he's obviously being cut off by the edge of the screen, causing an edge violation.
You likely notice that the image is a bit difficult to view; it sort of makes your eyes go wonky and your head spin. That's the edge violation doing its nasty business!The man in the foreground causes an edge violation because he's been placed in front of screen depth while at the same time he gets cut off by the screen edge.With Vegas Pro 11, we can rectify this unpleasant situation. It’s a great application which allows easy modeling of 3D images as well as animation and rendering. To see the new controls, add the Stereoscopic 3D Adjust filter to a 3D clip in your project and click the Floating windows drop-down arrow.In the case of my video in Figure 1, the edge violation occurs on the right edge of the frame and I'll proceed as if yours does too. All features like skinning, UV unwrapping, rendering, simulations non-linear editing and compositing are present in it. Minimum system requirements include 16 Mb of RAM, 1024X768 resolution, 300 MHZ processor and 128 MB space on the hard drive. For best performance, you can use Blender on Intel 2 Ghz dual core system having 2GB RAM with a decent Graphic Card.

Download blender free3ds Max – Commercial 3D Modeling softwareIt’s the number one software.
This 3D modeling software can be seen in every department of media arts like films, ads, cartoons, images, educational videos, etc. However, if the man were really floating in front of the screen, he wouldn't be more visible in one eye than the other. That movie was made with the help of this 3D modeling software.Autodesk has made this 3d modeling application, which are famous name in 3D industry. 3ds Max features all ingredients which are essential for modeling, animation and rendering.
By making the screen edge have the same parallax as the image, we remove this depth conflict.Adjust the Right control of the Floating windows section in the Stereoscopic 3D Adjust filter. In the Video Preview window you see that as you increase the value of the Right setting, you eliminate the edge of the Cyan video stream so that it no longer touches the edge of the screen.  As a starting point, increase the value until the edge of the Cyan stream shows the same video as the edge of the Red stream.
As you get more familiar with this tool, you can adjust the amount from there to get what you want.
With your 3D glasses off, you can very plainly see the strip along the edge where just the red stream shows. In fact, this technique is used all the time even in your favorite 3D Hollywood blockbusters. There are different versions for different professionals like for engineers, you will find a specific version.
Let's take a look at how these work.The left side of Figure 3 shows my project as it uses the Iris transition to move from one 3D clip (the woman sitting on the grass) to another 3D clip. With your 3D glasses on, notice that the circle created by the iris seems to be placed deeper into the screen than the woman sitting on the grass.
But the right half of the image shows the transition after it's progressed enough that the circle partially covers the sitting woman. This 3D modeling software applications should solve your everyday 3D modeling needs as a graphic designer, game developer or a construction engineer.

Now we have a problem because while we were expecting the circle to go behind the woman (as demonstrated in the left half), it instead covers the sitting woman.
Or you could simply use this for fun and for creating attractive and realistic wallpapers for your desktop.
Again, the viewer's brain receives conflicting 3D depth cues and it's difficult to make sense of the image.To solve this problem, we've added a Stereoscopic 3D depth slider to the Iris (and Cross Effect) transition. Notice that now in the left image, the circle looks like it is closer to the viewer than the sitting woman, so the viewer's brain logically expects the circle to cover her. The left half of Figure 5 shows my project as the couple in the park video walk toward the inset of the woman created by the Cookie Cutter filter. With your 3D glasses on it's plain to see that the couple will walk in front of the inset picture. But in fact, as the right side of the image shows, since the inset woman is on the top track with the Cookie Cutter applied, the couple in the park walks behind the inset image. The left image in Figure 6 shows that now the walking people look like they'll walk behind the inset.
As you've seen here, they help solve problems of conflicting depth cues that make your 3D movies unpleasant to view.
And you can animate all of their parameter settings over time to create the corrections and effects you're after.
Gary produces the popular Seminar Series training packages for Vegas Pro, ACID Pro, and Sound Forge software. Gary has conducted countless hands-on classes in the Sony Creative Software training center, as well as at tradeshows such as the National Association of Broadcasters show.

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