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If you’re looking for some new (or tried and true) ideas to show your husband you love him, look no further!
After doing that for a couple nights, I knew it was time to do more research and see what exactly was in my Premium Starter Kit and what I could use all of my oils for. Tell your special someone how much you love them this Valentine’s Day, and if “I love you” doesn’t seem creative enough for you this Valentine’s Day, here are 50 original ways to tell your special someone that they mean the world to you.
Buy a dictionary and highlight all of the words that convey how you feel about your special someone… well, the positive ones, of course. Instead of a traditional flower arrangement, consider a fruit arrangement that looks like flowers from Edible Arrangements. Take a note from the last millennium and head to the post office and send a Valentine’s Day card via good ole’ fashioned snail mail. Design “Love Coupons” with offers that your Valentine will enjoy – whether it’s a date night, breakfast in bed, car wash, back massage or more. Slice watermelon and cut out a heart shape in the center of the slice (using a cookie cutter).
Dedicate a love-inspired book to your Valentine inside the front cover, for example, “Guess How Much I Love You,” by Sam McBratney.

Light some candles, pull down the covers, grab your body oils, and get touchy feely as a masseuse. Concerned about the dwindling water resources of our neighbors in the western USA and other parts of the world? I had waited a couple weeks for it and now that I had it, I didn’t know what to do first.
Using paints, stencils and stamps – create a work of art on mugs, plates, bowls and more for your Valentine.
Like most people, the first thing I did was pull out my diffuser and started diffusing oils. Or, for a more high tech experience, consider a Jigsaw Puzzle app that lets you use your own images.
It’s important to show your husband you love him every day, not just on special days.
Now you don’t have to feel bad about being lazy!Choose one glass or water bottle for drinking water all day. It washes just as well, saves energy and water, and it even helps your dark clothes retain their color!Match the water level of your washing machine to the size of the load.

Check out our five minute shower challenge for ideas on how to shorten your shower.Put a drop of food coloring into your toilet tank.
Get it fixed ASAP!When running a bath, plug the bathtub before you start running the water. Then, you can adjust the temperature as the tub fills instead of letting plenty of good water escape down the drain as you find the right temperature.Think your shower head might be using too much water?
If it fills a one-gallon bucket in 20 seconds or less, consider replacing it with a WaterSense® labeled model.Plug the sink to rinse your razor instead of running it under the tap. You could save hundreds of gallons per month!When washing your hands or hair, turn the water off while you lather.Take five-minute showers instead of baths.
One drip per second adds up to five gallons a day.Monitor your water bill for unusually high costs.

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