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Here is Part Two of a list of ad agency sales presentation and pitch mistakes from some of the most experienced people ever to sit on the buyer’s side of a B2B sales presentation table. As you will see from this series on agency presentation and pitch fails, most agencies make these mistakes.
Top pitching tip: Agencies need to prove to their prospects that they believe in their mission, vision, and beliefs, not just in the product they’re selling.
FYI: You can see an interview that i did with Lisa on how your agency can predict agency reviews right here. The single biggest mistake that agencies make is that they are still desperate to talk about themselves, but the best ones talk about the client from the off. In my opinion, the worst mistake agencies make when presenting is concen- trating the pitch on their overall capabilities and not enough on the client’s specific business goals and objectives.
That mistake is the failure of the pitch team members to really listen to their team members talk and react to what they are saying – nodding, laughing, giving “yeahs” and generally paying attention and responding as if it was the first time they heard it. This entry was posted in Marketing, New Business, Pitching and tagged ad agency, new business, presentation. I work closely with small and medium ad agencies to deliver customized strategic business development plans.

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Before Wieden + KennedyA and Target completely part ways, the shop pitched a bizarre Target Scholarship for college students: The Flip-Flop scholarship. When explaining why Publicis Groupe'sA second quarter growth slowed, Maurice Levy explained "The world economic situation is both volatile and uncertain. Yes, it is hard to step up and say that you and your team also make these kinds of mistakes. But I am going to give you one mistake that agencies make that is very common, and while it may not be the “killer” error, it is one that does a great deal in failing to communicate that the agency is a well oiled team that has respect for each other, likes each other, finds their team members interesting and believes that they are lucky to be part of that team. When the agency’s pitch team is listening and responding to what their colleagues are saying, it encourages the client to do the same, and it makes the client want to be part of the interesting dialogue that is going on and to be part of that team.

CosmopolitanA and ElleA have had to start printing twice a month since they are simply too thicka€”the latter has now grown to 700 pages. This campaign gives one lucky student enough flip flops for everyone who uses his or her shared dorm bathroom. But, according to my agency search consultant friends, and their zillions of hours sitting across the table from you, you are in fact making these mistakes.
Win More Pitches.” The poster on the left has all of my top 12 agency presentation mistake cartoons. While this will meet brands' round-the-clock needs,A Ad Age interviewed some more traditional shops' CEOs who likened the endeavor to an "Ads 'R Us" operation that will hurt, and commoditize, the industry. Agencies need to listen twice as much as they speak and understand the prospective client’s deepest concerns (especially those that can’t be verbalized).
Their strength plus agencies’ innovations will yield powerful business solutions… which begins with listening carefully!

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