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There are three flavors of Selenium, which can be used in isolation or in combination to create complete automation suite for your web applications. There are two phases to the testing process: Record your actions that the user would mimic, and create your HTML script to execute multiple Command sets.
It can also record user actions in most of the popular languages like Java, C#, Perl, Ruby etc. Selenium provides a quick and powerful way to write functional tests for web applications and an environment where they can be run across different hosts. Related?Review of Molybdenum, an Open Source Test Tool for Web ApplicationsApril 3rd, 2009 Molybdenum is a visual test tool to test web application. WebLOAD provides a comprehensive and robust environment for load testing, stress testing and performance testing. WebLOAD 8.3 is an open source tool for load test, stress test and performance test that is sponsored by RadView and is released under GNU Public License. After trying several mind mapping tools for building fishbone diagrams, Andy Makar recommends using XMind during your next IT project brainstorming session. The fishbone diagram was created by Kaoru Ishikawa in the 1960s and has become a useful tool in quality management. XMind is a free, open-source, mind-mapping tool based on the Eclipse software development framework.
Step 3: Click Structure under the Properties tab and select the Fishbone (Left Headed) drop-down option (Figure D).
Once you complete your brainstorming session, you'll likely need to clean up the fishbone diagram and reword, reorganize, and further edit the various causes to your specific problem. TechRepublic's IT Project Management newsletter, delivered on Wednesday, offers tips to help keep project managers and their teams on track.
Give the test team and the test manager feedback on how the testing work is going, allowing opportunities to guide and improve the testing and the project.
Measure the status of the testing, test coverage and test items against the exit criteria to determine whether the test work is done. For small projects, the test leader or a delegated person can gather test progress monitoring information manually using documents, spreadsheets and simple databases. One way to keep the records of test progress information is by using the IEEE 829 test log template. Let us take an example as shown in Figure 5.1, columns A and B show the test ID and the test case or test suite name. In addition to test case status, it is also common to monitor test progress during the test execution period by looking at the number of defects found and fixed. In organizations that are looking to produce ultra-reliable software, they may plot the number of unresolved defects normalized by the size of the product, either in thousands of source lines of code (KSLOC), function points (FP) or some other metric of code size.
That is why it is said, test progress monitoring techniques vary considerably depending on the preferences of the testers and stakeholders, the needs and goals of the project, regulatory requirements, time and money constraints and other factors.

The economics of testing, such as the costs and benefits of continuing test execution in terms of finding the next defect or running the next test.
Test Runner gives you nice browser interface to execute your tests and also gives summary of how many tests were executed, how many passed and failed. I am sufficiently impressed that I am looking for projects which could benefit from this approach. It can load-test any Internet application, including applications that use Web 2.0 and AJAX.
It helps the testing team to manage their test cases and provide test cases visibility at all levels using a central repository. The fishbone diagram, also known as an Ishikawa diagram or a Cause and Effect Diagram, gets its name because it represents a fish skeleton (Figure A).
The head of the fishbone represents the problem statement, and the body of the fishbone represents multiple causes that contribute to the overall effect or problem. In this example, the common categories are methodology, software testing, project management, business case, vendors, and hardware. I've worked with several mind-mapping tools for fishbone diagrams, and XMind is the solution I recommend for creating these diagrams. XMind is user friendly, and the basic software package supports a ton of mind-mapping features, including mind map, spreadsheet, and fishbone diagram views. In brainstorming sessions, these categories may be combined and refined as each idea is further categorized. Repeat this process for each idea and use it to capture additional reasons for the specific problem (Figure F). Andrew Makar is an IT program manager and is the author of How To Use Microsoft Project and Project Management Interview Questions Made Easy.
But, when working with large teams, distributed projects and long-term test efforts, we find that the efficiency and consistency of data collection is done by the use of automated tools. While much of the information related to logging events can be usefully captured in a document, we prefer to capture the test-by-test information in spreadsheets (see Figure 5.1).
Figure 5.2 shows a graph that plots the total number of defects opened and closed over the course of the test execution so far.
When reliability is a key concern, we might be more concerned with the frequency with which failures are observed (called failure rates) than with how many defects are causing the failures (called defect density).
If crossword solving interests you, then take a look at the crossword grid and the clues below.
This holiday season, entertain yourself by solving this crossword, constructed by Jay Philips. Selenium is used mainly to simulate the actions of an user moving through your application as if you were actually using it.
Alitheia Core, the Alpha Version of Open Source Quality Tester is OutJuly 20th, 2008 The Software Quality Observatory for Open Source Software (SQO-OSS) project has released an alpha version of Alitheia Core, an open-source software quality-checking tool.

Mindtree Focuses on SOA TestingSeptember 2nd, 2008 Mindtree partnered with iTKO LISA to offer service-oriented architecture (SOA) testing solution for travel, media, retail, banking, financial services and insurance markets.A  They will achieve this target by building a testing framework so people can use it easily.
A Close Look of Database Test Tool DTM Data GeneratorOctober 23rd, 2008 DTM Data Generator is a very useful tool to generate data for database testing process like performance testing, QA testing, loading tests etc.A  The DBA, now a days, spends lot of hours to create test data before using it for database testing. The main parts of the skeleton represent the common categories used to organize the causes of the problem.
The Pro version of the software (which costs $49USD per year) provides Microsoft Office integration and several project management features that are geared toward business users. If you need a sample set of categories, use people, process, equipment, materials, environment, and management (Figure E). Column D shows the tested configuration, where the codes A, B and C correspond to test environments described in detail in the test plan. It also shows the planned test period end date and the planned number of defects that will be found. Alitheia has been developed by a consortium of European businesses, academics and open source developers.
Common categories in the IT domain could include people, process, requirements, architecture, organization, and tools. For instance, XMind provides a collaboration service to share public mind maps; private mind maps are part of the XMind Pro subscription. Columns E and F show the defect (or bug) ID number (from the defect-tracking database) and the risk priority number of the defect (ranging from 1, the worst, to 25, the least risky). Ideally, as the project approaches the planned end date, the total number of defects opened will settle in at the predicted number and the total number of defects closed will converge with the total number opened.
Try the New Cloud Based Ruby Testing Framework Devver if You Need to Speed up Ruby TestingJune 20th, 2009 Devver takes the combination of all of the tools that developers use at their desktop and convert them into cloud service.
Common categories in a manufacturing process typically include people, methods, equipment, materials, measures, and environment.
These two outcomes tell us that we have found enough defects to feel comfortable that we’re done testing, that we have no reason to think many more defects are lurking in the product, and that all known defects have been resolved.
These categories are guidelines rather than restrictions; categories often emerge from the discussion about potential causes for the specific problem.
Columns H through L capture data for each test related to dates, effort and duration (in hours). We have metrics for planned and actual effort and dates completed which would allow us to summarize progress against the planned schedule and budget.
This spreadsheet can also be summarized in terms of the percentage of tests which have been run and the percentage of tests which have passed and failed.

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