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Raised and educated in Minnesota, Rick worked for several Midwest ad agencies before linking up with The Ramsey Advertising Agency. Rick brings more than 28 years experience to bear as a graphic communicator and illustrator in executing your work – whether it be logo design, print ads, direct mail, point of purchase or literature of all sorts. New Chevy ad agency Goodby Silverstein will now have to sell sheet metal, not just vitamin D. Instead, he has appointed Goodby Silverstein Partners to handle the mega million dollar Chevy account, a decision of epic proportions. The fact that GM CEO Ed Whitacre relinquished some of his very tight marketing managerial reins to Ewanick amounts to more than a transfer of plenipotentiary powers to a proven automotive marketing executive: it evidences a genuine concern for the demands of proven professional marketing counsel to supervise the plans and programs for GM’s largest and most important brand. Ewanick’s marketing chops have been well detailed, documented and discussed (Click Here for more on his move to GM and background at Hyundai), but how much has been revealed about the new agency over the past day or so?
The new Chevy agency was incorporated in 1983 as Goodby, Berlin & Silverstein by co-founders Jeff Goodby and Rich Silverstein who had worked together at Ogilvy and Mather in San Fran with then freelancer Andy Berlin. Probably best known for its “Got Milk” campaign for the California Fluid Milk Producers Association, the agency is one of the most awarded creative agencies in the world, having been named “Agency of the Decade” by Adweek Magazine in 2009, and repeatedly cited “Agency of the Year” by advertising industry trade publications including AdWeek, Advertising Age, Creativity and Boards.
It will be interesting to see if Ewanick and GS&P lightning can strike twice, won’t it?

July 31, 2013, By Jeremy Porter Too many ads have no chance of being effective because the brief is poor. Before the creative brief is written there is another brief that you, the client, write: the client brief. The purpose of the client brief is to tell the agency’s accounts staff (your contacts) about the problem to be solved or your communications objective. The point of a brief isn’t to be buttoned up and restrictive; it’s to give clear direction on what’s important and to clarify the issue that you’re seeking to address. The client brief should be a simple, short document that provides the information the account manager needs to write the creative brief. The objective of your ad should be aligned against an existing strategy; perhaps a marketing strategy, a communications strategy or a campaign strategy. Any agency worth its salt will tell you if they need more information or something isn’t clear. Once you’ve delivered the brief and everyone is on the same page, let your agency do its thing. The agency is often credited with being the first blue-chip national agency to successfully navigate the transition from print and television creative to digital, which culminated in being named “Digital Agency of the Year” by Advertising Age magazine in 2006 and the One Club in 2009.

Ideally, back this up with a conversation so everyone is clear about what needs to be done.
The problem with informal briefing is that it makes a huge assumption that the person being briefed shares the unstated knowledge of the person doing the briefing.
Tell your agency how it relates to your other activities so they can think about how this ad will complement existing or other planned activities.
You can either use them to prompt your thinking as you write the brief, or you can answer the questions directly. It’s my view, and the view of many others, that an ad should have a single idea (otherwise known as a single-minded proposition).

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