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Inspired by Burt Reynolds (how could you not be?), copywriter Lawson Clarke hopes baring his, uh, soul will compel iffy agencies to give him a shot. This was originally gonna go in a hastily-rendered link roundup but then we clicked on the URL, saw dude on the bearskin and lost ourselves in the patriotic waves of emotion that instantly bitchslaps you when you hear The Star-Spangled Banner. What's cool about this method is it put both large and small agencies on an equal playing field: that incessant stream-of-consciousness noisebox where we blow 3-4 of our good working hours per day. Amielle Lake is the CEO of Tagga, a Vancouver-based company that helps agencies add a strategic mobile component to their campaigns.
The service -- currently live in Canada and the US -- includes reporting and dashboard management, and payment models are flexy.
Funny what you can find out when the pressure's on (ad:tech was ending, hence the skulky suited man in the BG) and you know your first take MUST be perfect (I don't know how to use my video editing software. There's decent amount of back and forth talk about a post Alan Wolk had over at Agency Spy.
Continuing his efforts to land his agency a solar account by the end of the year, Captains of Industry Co-Founder Ted Page visits his doctor to discuss the side effects of eating cotton shorts, which he's promised to do if his agency doesn't get a solar account. As if there weren't already a plethora of industry award shows, now (not that this is new or anything) we have agencies like Ypung & Rubicon handing out awards to individual agencies within its network for what it dubs great work. And we can envision the looks mommy will get from passersby wondering just what's going on at home. According to the Brookings Institution, Colombo has a population of 5.6 million within the metropolitan area.

I came away thinking there are a lot of issues at work there lumped together under the single banner of why are ad people so damn angry. The office will be headed by Managing Director Marta Kagan, formerly VP of Marketing at Viximo. Glenn Rothfeld during which time the doctor talks about the after effects of eating cotton shorts, the fact it could cause a bezoar (hairball), the benefits of cooking the shorts Cajun-style prior to consuming and the fact super models often times consume cotton balls to keep their weight down. Amielle tells this great story about Tagga's birth and the state of agencies at that time; it also turns out she worked in mining and knows French cheese like this. Yea, we can envision the exact moment this creative epiphany struck someone down in Miami at a place called Crispin Porter + Bogusky when they dreamt up this SpongeBob Square Pants, Sir Mix-a-Lot mashup up featuring bottylicious dancers shaking their (square) asses. The only thing that mildly wigged us out was when we clicked on the Progressive spot and got panned over to the TV perched over his crotch.
BBDO LankaBBDO Lanka, the 288th office in the BBDO network, commenced operations in August 2011. Though a relatively new player in the Sri Lankan ad scene with a dedicated staff of almost 30 professionals, BBDO Lanka already holds Anchor, a household name and the largest dairy brand in the country, among its clients.
Initiative believes in four basic principles when solving their clients’ business challenges: fast, brave, decisive and simple. Decisive with their insights, opinions and recommendations and committed to making marketing complexity simple. This approach is conveyed by their talented team, industry leading tools, processes and behaviors.Initiative employs more than 2500 creative and dynamic colleagues in 94 offices in 73 countries managing approximately $14 billion in billings annually.

Mobile Media understands that markets are very competitive and the need to position your “Brand” when advertising is vital to your continued success. Their mission is to help your company exceed their marketing goals with higher impact and exposure, at much better value than the “Typical Lazy Sign.”JWT Sri LankaJ Walter Thompson Sri Lanka is packed with people of many flavors. From authentic devil dancers, photographers, drummers, actors, musicians, the odd balls and a few crazy ones.
This is an office that truly believes that creativity cannot be found in a straight-laced box.
They are a young energetic team of outliers deeply rooted in evolving media.MaxusMaxus is a global media planning and buying agency and they have been named the fastest-growing media agency network for the last three years (Recma). They offer their services through Web Designing and Development, Business Marketing, Marketing Analysis and Consulting, Software and Application Development and Branding.3JVS is committed to helping you find the best and right solution for your business marketing. They set a realistic time frame for every project and work hard to deliver timely and high quality work. I would love to hear about any advertising agencies in Colombo that you have worked with and what experiences you had working with them.

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