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This change was unannounced before it happened, and discussions on this are a hot topic in digital marketing forums around the web.
For many verticals and countries, mobile traffic dominates nowadays so is this really a big deal? One way to tackle this is to improve the match between keywords, ads and landing pages to improve your Quality Score.
Recently I restructured an AdWords campaign for a UK client and halved their cost per click from ?2 to ?1.
Whilst this can happen purely due to having a better structured account, to take it further requires a bit more effort.
Wordstream have already had a look at their client accounts and think that only 14% of ad clicks will be affected by this change. This is why you shouldn’t overreact to the change by increasing your bids, especially if you are already averaging a top position.

Overall, don’t panic too much about this change, especially if you are running your AdWords campaigns yourself. Here’s an AdWords script that will help you identify accounts and keywords that could be severely impacted. Pay Per Click is a form of Sponsored Advertising on the internet provided by search engines and websites to generate revenue on a referral basis.
The Cost per Click or CPC you pay for Google Adwords, Bing or Yahoo sponsored link getting is vital to your online business success. PPC specialists determine the right cost per click you should pay using analytic software and keyword analysis tools.
Empire Media advise a competitive strategy, which means looking at the competition and seeing where they have failed to gain valuable traffic and also reduce excess spend on keywords that have little or no effect. We also look at keyphrases that take a large amount of your online marketing budget and advise on how search engine optimisation can reduce this spend. If you want to know more about PPC Management, Sponsored Advertising and would like to speak to a Google Adword Specialist who can visits your business in Manchester, Burnley, Blackburn, Accrington and  Lancashire call Empire New Media Ltd and we can also discuss your SEO needs which can compliment any PPC campaign.

Manage and perform daily account responsibilities associated with Google AdWords, Yahoo, Bing and Facebook.
There will be accounts for which this number is far higher and will be affected by this change. This script goes through your account (or all the accounts if you use it at MCC-level) and finds out the keywords that received a lot of clicks from the side positions. The Sponsored Link can come in many forms such as Banner Advertising, Text Links Skyscrappers Banners or clickable image that will entice a visitor to view products or services another websites. The clicks are monitored using conversion tracking which allows you to follow what you have converted into business from you PPC budget. Every Internet Marketing Company has an PPC specialist at hand to work out budgets and conversions and it is a question of testing the waters to see what is the correct combination for your campaign.

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