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April 1, 2013By Eric BrownIt was great meeting Duncan Alney from Firebelly Marketing last week for an impromptu breakfast. Although there are a lot of labels, I think at the end of the day anyone in Social Media are Advertisers, selling Advertising.
He also established Urbane Media, a social media marketing and PR laboratory, where innovative marketing ideas are tested. Now, I look at billboards all the time; I like to know what the trends are in advertising and a great ad is something I can appreciate. As I’ve said before in The Art of the Billboard, bulletins like this need to be understood in 5 seconds or less. Don’t be afraid to get some help or advice before you make an investment in your advertising.
A few months ago I started noticing some billboards going up for a local chiropractic clinic.
I was even more pleased when I drove past their location one Sunday and saw their sign out front. Then one day I am thumbing through a magazine to verify that a client’s ad had ran correctly, and what do I find?
Interestingly, the lettering appears to be the same font used for the logo icon, which is a stylized SSC. With that in mind, it is possible to inadvertently send a mixed or conflicting message through your advertising. I’m also curious if they took the picture themselves, as the lighting is poor and the colors are washed out. My question to my friends sparked a short conversation about what makes good advertising and why that particular billboard missed the mark. I recommended a two-pronged approach: cable television to show people their product, and billboards to direct people to their store. The problem with their question is that the customer isn’t going to know which ad they responded to.
I warned them that their sales would decrease once people were no longer being shown the quality of their selection.
Several months later, the client informed me that their sales were down by an alarming amount. Billboard artwork can be a little tricky to pull off successfully.  You see, in order for any advertisement to be effective, it must be noticed and understood, and this is where many billboards fail. There are lots of ways to effectively communicate with a billboard in 5 seconds, but there are many more ways to sink that effort.  The three most common ways to make an ineffective billboard are small type, too much information, and low-contrast color schemes. You’d think that it would be a no-brainer that you need to make the words on a billboard big enough to be seen at a distance, but I commonly see national brands putting up billboards that are difficult to read while driving past them in a car.
Low-contrast color schemes are the other big billboard killer.  What works for a newspaper or magazine ad, or even a business card, may not work for a billboard.
Best Ads: Advertising is a form of communication for marketing and used to encourage, persuade, or manipulate an audience to continue or take some new action.
Like electronic and virtual media print media plays an important and crucial role in advertising industry. For example the electronic ad of Dabur Honey projects the healthy life bestowed by it whereas the print add incorporates the tag line “let’s stay healthy” proving it with a help of a testimonial. While distributing budget for your advertisement campaign you should not ignore the print media because you pay very less in comparison to what you earn by advertising in print media.
Meanwhile, though traditional paid media still are trusted by a great number of consumers, their influence is on the decline.
Still, Nielsen notes that global advertising spend increased 7 percent from 2010 to 2011, driven by a 10% increase in television advertising. Among the more marketer-driven sources for online information and advertising, company websites and permission-based emails fared well. Next up on the trust scale are search engine ads, which are trusted by 40% of those surveyed.
Mobile ads of various types have increased trust levels 61 percent since 2007 and 21 percent since 2009.
Interestingly, Nielsen found that relevance often correlated strongly with trust, suggesting that online marketers could raise trust levels by making ads more relevant. To conduct its research, Nielsen surveyed more than 28,000 Internet respondents in 56 countries.

MarTech: The Marketing Tech Conference is for marketers responsible for selecting marketing technologies and developing marketing technologists. SMX Advanced, the only conference designed for experienced search marketers, returns to Seattle June 22-23.
Ita€™s not only multinational corporations or household brands that can have a corporate image. This is the 21st century and now small and medium sized businesses know only too well that identifiable corporate branding is crucial in giving potential customers the right impression and creating an image in their mind.
Whether ita€™s a logo, colour scheme, printed or web media, through to corporate stationery, SLS Advertising Services can provide your business with a look that can take your business to the next level.
The secret is to get all the right elements to balance in harmony, typeface, imagery, colours, graphics. But at SLS we have a team of talented and dedicated graphic designers and marketing professionals who can help create an image that you will be proud to be associated with.
And what is more if your profile speaks louder than your competitorsa€™ thata€™s got to be good for business. Contact SLS today to discuss your corporate branding requirements and face a confident future with a new image.
How much they sell depends on how effective our Digita Marketing is for their Advertising Campaign, and in addition to how solid our Friends, Fans and Following are. He founded metro Detroit’s Urbane Apartments in 2003, after serving as senior vice president for a major Midwest apartment developer. There is a reason successful billboards use high-contrast colors, they are easier to read at a distance or while zooming by in a car. Yellow Pages is in the advertising business, but they obviously don’t know billboards. Other than the phone number and location, it’s is almost as if they followed The Art of the Billboard to a tee.
Not only does the ad look good, I immediately recognized it as being SandStone Chiropractic and mentally connected it with the billboards and the storefront. The art-deco look of the magazine lettering is not nearly as professional looking as the serif font used in the other ads. Perhaps this was the original logo and it was changed either for ease of reading or to perhaps give a more professional appearance? You have such a short slice of time to communicate your message and you don’t want to muddle things up by trying to say too many things.
They could have hired a professional photographer experienced in product shots, taken the time to really dress up the burger, even hire a food stylist (yes, just like a hair stylist, only for food) so their product would look its absolute best. We have some close friends whose anniversary is the day before ours, so the four of us drove up through the Ozarks to Branson, Missouri to observe the occasions and take in some fall colors.
Since I’m in advertising and things like that interest me, my friends pointed it out.
Clever might grab your attention, but good advertising not only gets your attention, it awakens something within you and lingers in your mind long after the campaign is over.
As we were talking, my friend’s wife brought up a billboard that I had done for one of my clients. So we started off lightly by going in with cable with the understanding that billboards would be added later if they saw results. That’s not a bad thing, but they never consulted with me and ended up going about it all wrong. The fact is that the customer is responding to all of the ads they’ve seen from that client. Interestingly, they didn’t want to re-implement their media strategy that had been working, they just wanted to change out their billboard artwork. Most commonly, the desired result is to drive consumer behavior with respect to a commercial offering.
Lengthy success stories of brands reach the customer with a comparatively cheaper media i.e. Shilpa Shetty posing in three postures representing the fitness, activeness and the glow due to Dabur honey clearly describes the readers the reason for consuming it. Nearly half of consumers around the world say the trust ads on TV (47%), in magazines (47%) and in newspapers (46%), but those numbers dropped by 24%, 20% and 25% respectively, in a relatively short period of time — between 2009 and 2011.
Fifty-eight percent of global online consumers trusted information they found on a company website, and 50% trust emails they signed up to receive.

She's a well-respected authority on digital marketing, having reported and written on the subject since 1998. We are Full Circle back to the value of Your Circle of Influence , a post from 2010 when we made the decision to extend our social reach to 10,000 Facebook Fans. He established a proven track record of effectively repositioning existing rental properties in a way that added value for investors while enhancing the resident experience.
If people can’t make out what is on the billboard, as in this case where the words blend in with the background, then no one is getting your message. That’s one of the things you want to accomplish with your advertising, a coherent identity. However, because the visuals are almost identical to the billboards (color scheme, practitioner’s photo), the connection is still made and the ad works.
It looks as if someone dropped the hamburger on the floor, hastily put it back together and snapped a quick picture.
Based on the design, the graphic artist who did the billboard appears to know what they were doing, but they were hindered by an amateurish photo that communicates a message that is in direct opposition to the one that is supposedly presented. It does that by touching something within the viewer that they immediately recognize as true.
In fact, someone else had mentioned this same billboard to me a week or two before, saying it was one of their favorites. They hired me to help them with their advertising soon after they opened their second store. There was a freeway that ran through town, and most of the economic growth was west of that freeway. One billboard in particular was in a great location on the freeway south of town — the majority of residents worked and shopped south of town, so everyone saw that billboard when they drove home on a daily basis.
But still, their other store, located in a different city, didn’t have to spend as much on advertising.
I reminded them that everyone drove past that billboard on their way to the store, so it was fresh on their minds. The contact details of the dealers, manufacturing units, and the customer care office are given in the print ad. She's a former managing editor of ClickZ, and worked on the business side helping independent publishers monetize their sites at Federated Media Publishing. After our meeting it occurred to me that what we really are are Advertisers, except it Doesn’t Look Like Advertising.
Fast forward to today, and we significantly exceeded those numbers and have a strong and solid Social Outreach with the Urbane Life Brand, one that retailers and merchants are finding advertising value in. While their name and their message attempts to say they have really good, fresh-made hamburgers, their product shot says the hamburgers are thrown together and are unappetizing. The billboards reminded them that the client was close by, just a little east of the freeway.
There is no time limit like ten or fifteen seconds for a brand to display its worth in this media. The overall effect of print ad is much more than the TV ad reason being the total story depicted in one column. The billboard’s cleverness got their attention, but it did nothing to persuade them to actually go into the store. There are many remote places where the TV network or internet does not reach but print media stay them connected with the world.
The logo, the celebrity, benefits of honey, testimonial and the contact details are stuffed in limited space which gets imprinted into the mind strengthening the recall power of brand especially the logo. Because few people travelled east of the freeway, the people of that city didn’t know there was a new furniture store in town.
TV ad has a very short span where all the information cannot be stuffed by the marketer and all the information cannot be absorbed by the audiences. How much value is there for U-Haul to “Sponsor” and have brand coverage and local deals on our Urbane Life Move in Letters?
It strikes a chord within them and they can identify with the message, and they want to do business with that advertiser.

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